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Vape Mods vs Vape Pens: What’s the Difference?

For those who love vaping, then you might be familiar with vape pens and vape mods. However, if you’re new to vaping, then it might be the first time you’re hearing of these devices. Finding the right vape device for the best vaping experience depends on several factors. In this article, we will cover the differences between vape mods vs vape pens and provide you with some general information so you can make an informed decision when shopping the full range on the Vape Store.

What are vape pens? 

Vape pens are mini-sized vape devices, with the average vape pen measuring five inches in length. This type of vape device is filled with e-liquid and powered by an electronic or battery device. As a result, it allows the user to vape without producing any smell or vapour. Vape pens also produce little to no second-hand smoke, which makes them perfect for those who want to be discreet about their smoking habits. 

What are vape mods? 

Vape mods, also known as box mods, are larger than vape pens, usually square or rectangular and have a replaceable, external battery. Unlike vape pens, vape mods allow you to control the amount of vapour and flavour. Vape mods were developed so users could achieve more vapour production, so if you like to take huge drags from your vaporiser, a vape mod is right for you.

Vape pens vs vape mods 

There are several differences between vape pens and vape mods. 

Size: Vape mods, unlike the vape pen, can vary in size. For example, some vape mods are similar to traditional e-cigarettes. In contrast, others are made to look like miniature tanks. With various sizes, vape mods offer just as much versatility as vape pens. 

Battery: The battery in a vape pen is internal, and the battery in a vape mod is external. Generally, the battery for vape mods has a larger capacity which means it lasts longer and has more power, producing more vapour. 

Tank: You can refill vape pens using e-juice from disposable cartridges. However, vape mods have a tank you can refill after it’s empty. Vape mods also come with a bigger tank, so you can use less liquid per puff, resulting in fewer refills throughout the day. 

Usability: Vape pens are great for those just starting to vape since they are smaller and easier to use. However, vape mods are more complex and take time to master the overall vaping experience. 

Cost: Vape mods tend to cost more than vape pens because they are usually better quality. Some advantages of using a vape mod are long-lasting batteries, a wide range of flavours, and the ability to refill them with an e-liquid of your choice. 

Experience: Because the vape mod has a bigger battery; they give you a more powerful and longer-lasting vaping experience than vape pens. Vape mods often have different power levels so that the user can control the nicotine level they get from their vape pen. With a vape pen, you have to charge it regularly and cannot use it while it's charging. 

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