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Why Men love to spend a Luxury Weekend in Monaco

Boys will be boys. Although this saying seems to be changing a little bit, in recent years, there are definitely trends that are still true. Casinos, Formula One racing, and good food are all things that most men really appreciate. And they can find it all in Monaco. Here is what attracts us guys to the Principality and makes them want to come back, time and time again.

Living in Luxury 

What is expected of a hotel, for it to be considered luxurious? Having rooms and suites that provide the highest-quality accommodations, featuring restaurants with Michelin stars, exquisite views of the sea… You will find it all in a hotel in Monaco. In fact, no matter which hotel of the four below, you will choose, you will be amazed by the high-level of quality in all facets of their operations.

If what you want is to live like the stars that come to Monaco, you will choose the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo. It is certainly the most famous hotel inside the principality, as all well-known people have at least spent one night in one of its rooms. Although they have recently been renovated, you will still find the same décor and ambiance, which made it famous throughout the years. Most of all, you will only have to cross the street to get into the iconic Casino de Monte-Carlo, as it is also situated on Place du Casino. The Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort is a favourite of men. This is where they go to have fun, partying and enjoying the many activities on the beach. There are many special events being held there, including unique brunches. It is the hotel to choose, no matter which season you will be heading there. Those who keep in shape, no matter where they are, will certainly appreciate the Monte-Carlo Beach. That is because they will benefit from the Olympic-sized pool, where they can practice their speed in the water. It is also a location that focuses on wellbeing, with 100% organic cuisine. To close the day, nothing better than to head to a yoga class, for a little meditation. Finally, if what you look for is elegance and charm, you will find it at the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo. This is where people go to relax, away from the crowd, while enjoying the beautiful spa Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo. It is luxury at a superior level.

The High Life 

If you manage to find a ticket to the Formula One Grand Prix Weekend, you are in luck. This the main event of the year, in terms of personalities attending a Grand Prix. The luxury that provides Monaco calls everyone home for a few days, where they get to share this intense moment of car racing, that takes place directly in the streets of the city. Monaco would not be the same without its casinos, most particularly the Casino de Monte-Carlo, which has been chosen to play a big part in many movies, for decades now. Spending a night gambling in this palace is simply divine. And with a bit of luck, it can also be fructuous.

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