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10 Men’s Fashion Trends to Adopt for Autumn/Winter 2022

Autumn is almost over, but autumn fashion trends are reaching to the winter. It is time to adapt your wardrobe without delay! Knowing about current menswear trends is useful; however, no need to adopt them all! To get plenty of inspiration and find warm clothes that are trendy, elegant and comfortable, discover the hottest colours and fabrics of the season:

Floral Prints 

Floral prints are one of the hottest trends right now. Whether you choose a simple floral pattern or something a little more sophisticated, these designs are guaranteed to make a statement.

Large Checks 

Geometry trends: On sports shirts, sweaters, and suits, stripes are back! To be trendy for this menswear season, choose classic patterns like plaid, Vichy or big window frames, which represent safe values. They come in bunches of colours to fit your preferences. 

Quilted Coat 

Whatever the style for fall and winter, whether it's a coat with bright colours or darker classic one (cognac, black, brown) the quilted style has sure got some attention! Pick up your lightweight jacket or parka and feel ready to face any kind of weather! 

Tonal Tailoring 

Tonal tailored suits are a new trend in Men's Fashion. They give you a Clean Look while still being stylish. You can’t go wrong in an all-black outfit.

Leather Obsession 

Leather is an evergreen material. In fact, your leather outwear, like a leather jacket, will probably outlast your clothes in terms of fashion. They also easily add extra width to your shoulders. 


For this fall and winter, layering is everywhere. From coats to shirts, from pants to shoes, there’s always layers to add warmth and protection. Accessor layers can also be practical and used to upgrade your style. Outer layers are an easy eye catch. 

Two-Tone Boots and Sneakers 

Accentuate your aesthetic by wearing different tones on your footwear. A mix of leather and fabric is a trendy option. When dressing for a formal occasion, consider some classic colours (cognac, black, brown). For a casual occasion, both sneakers and boots with pants is a fashionable option. 


Wearing simple and chic accessories with clothes or hats is also the best fashion choice. Especially customized accessories can reflect your individuality. For example, custom pin badges can be worn with various clothing styles. It can be designed as accessories in any colour and theme to form different styles.

The Classic Turtle Neck

As elegant as they look, turtleneck is one of the breasted tailoring trends. They can be worn alone under a suit jacket or with an undershirt. They're present everywhere this season! Made from cotton or knit fabrics, they are a perfect fit for business and comfort-focused trend. 

Sweaters and Cardigans Made from Coarse Wool or Knits 

You'll certainly agree that, when it comes to clothing, a bit of heaviness feels comforting. Keep yourself warm by wearing sweaters and cardigan coats with thick sleeves. During this season, stripes and visible seams are everywhere: wear them casually and enjoy every single activity! 

Half Chic, Half Casual Outfits 

To create an outfit for both dressed up and relaxed looks this fall, dare to combine structured clothes with more casual attire pieces. You could wear a sweatshirt cover by a stylish vest and casual jeans. Chinos with a rolled-up sweater and woollen pants would also be a good option.

For biggest fashion trends, comfort, style and elegance: Your autumn-winter ‘22 season wardrobe awaits at Ernest!

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