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How to Plan a Bachelor Party

The bachelor party is the last right of fun and excitement that a man will have with just his buddies and guy friends before entering into marriage. Whether life after marriage will be as exciting as the bachelor party, is anyone’s guess, but you can at least make the party one epic night for everyone to remember. If you happen to be the best man, then planning the bachelor party is your responsibility and you need to do it right. Whether you have an idea of where you want to start or you are completely lost, this article will tell you everything about how to make a bachelor party a real success!

Don’t Pester The Groom 

While you might decide that you want to give the groom the perfect night of his life, and naturally that perfect night would involve his input, you need to realize something. The groom has already been through at least 9-12 months of decision making with his spouse about the wedding, their nerves are shot and they are sick of picking things and making choices! So while you can find out what the groom likes and what they don’t want for the bachelor party, don’t hammer them with a bunch of small decisions. Your groom likes to be surprised, and it is your job to make that happen.

Plan Around The People 

Figure out how many people are coming to the bachelor party and then make your plans according to the personalities of who are there. You don’t want to have a ‘party’ where the groom is having a lot of fun and the rest of the party is bored out of their minds. After all, the groom is inviting some of his best friends to the bachelor party, then they all likely have similar interests, so work with that and see what you can find. 

Have Some Excess 

Whether you eat a massive feast fit for a king, work with a decadent entertainment agency to have wonderful activities to do, or go somewhere where you all wouldn’t go on a normal day. A good steakhouse, a large dessert, and some quality entertainment can go a long way to making a party memorable! Even if your bachelor party is on a tight budget, there are still plenty of ways you can make the night excessive and decadent. For example, if you can’t go out to buy a full steakhouse dinner and dessert experience, you might be able to go and make your own with store-bought ingredients and a grill! 

Dress For Success 

How you look gives an indication of how you feel, so make sure to keep your looks in mind. If you are planning to have a party with a decadent and rich dinner followed by some gambling and games, look the part! Dress like high rollers in your best suits, and impressive watches, and put some gel in your hair to look like you’ve got family wealth. If you have a camping weekend getaway, then dress in a few things that can get dirty and can make you feel like rugged and dirty outdoorsmen who are seeking to conquer nature! Dress for success and the bachelor party will feel like a true experience right from the get go.

Plan A Good ‘Kidnapping’ 

You’ve seen it in movies and TV shows, but the art of ‘kidnapping’ the groom for a surprise bachelor party is very real and can be pretty fun. It will put the surprise in surprise party for sure, so make sure to do it right. Whether you enlist the bride’s help for some misdirection and trickery, or simply place a bag over his head and shove him into the backseat of a car, the start of the bachelor party is just as exciting as the party itself! Just make sure you keep the kidnapping exciting but tame, because you don’t want onlookers to think this is an actual kidnapping! Yes… that has happened and it isn’t fun for anyone involved! 

Don’t Overthink It Too Much… Keep Fun At The Forefront! As much as you might try to plan the ‘perfect’ bachelor party night, remember that the fun factor is going to be the most important. This is the groom’s night and you want to make him happy and do whatever he wants, so make sure to have fun and check throughout the night to make sure the energy is high and everyone is pumped to keep the night moving and grooving!

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