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7 Ways to Improve the Appearance of Your Car

Are you looking for ways to make changes to your car to get it looking as good as possible? If your car is beginning to look tired or you’ve changed your mind on the colour and appearance of your car, there are ways to alter it without having to buy a whole new model. Keep reading to find out how:

Get Rid of Any Bumps or Scratches 

A build-up of small bumps and scratches over time may not be immediately obvious but can make even a nice car look tired and worn out. Take your car to a professional car detailer to have any scratches, marks, or bumps buffed out or resprayed. Simple changes such as these can help make your car look brand new.

Cleaning Regularly 

One of the easiest ways to keep your car looking fresh and new is to make sure you’re keeping it clean and tidy, both on the inside and the outside. A build-up of dirt on the exterior can really take the shine out of even the newest and most expensive cars. Having the paintwork waxed after a clean will help to keep the exterior looking shiny and polished. Cleaning the inside of your car can be tricky to do yourself, so it’s worth investing now and again in a professional deep clean. They will have the right equipment to reach into all the tricky nooks and crannies and get the interior looking fresh and clean. 

Wrapping Your Car 

Having your car wrapped is a great way to change the colour or appearance of the exterior, without the expense and permanence of having a complete paint respray. Wrapping is reversible, so you can choose to go back to the original paint colour at any time. Companies like Adept Wrapping can help you achieve the changes you want to make to your car’s exterior and will work with you to get the perfect look for your car.

Ceramic Coating 

Investing in a ceramic coating for the paintwork on your car will not only help to protect it from marks and scratches but will also make the paintwork look far more polished and glossier. It can also help to keep your car cleaner for longer as mud and rain runs off the surface more easily. 

Car Detailing 

Car detailing is a process by which you can pay to get the interior and exterior of your car deep cleaned and repaired to make it look like new. It’s more labour-intensive than a regular car valet, so will take much longer and cost more money. Seats can be deep cleaned, leather repaired, and carpets deep cleaned. They can even add a car perfume when finished to get that ‘new car smell’.

Tinted Windows 

Tinted windows will help to improve the privacy of your vehicle, and can help to block out the glare from sunlight and the heat from the inside of your car. It can also help to prevent the theft of items in your car as criminals will find it difficult to see inside. As well as these practical benefits, tinted windows can make a car look sleeker and more expensive, potentially adding value too. Just ensure any changes made when tinting your car windows are within legal standards. 

Changing The Wheels 

Changing the wheels on your car can make a surprisingly big difference to the look of it. Opting for a more premium wheel such as chrome or matte black alloy over a plastic one, for example, can make your car look far sleeker and more expensive. When making any of the above changes to your car, be sure to inform your insurance provider of what these changes are, as well as the DVLA if necessary.

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