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Men’s Jewellery Basics: What Looks Best?

Choosing jewellery to wear can feel like something of a dark art at times, and particularly for men less accustomed to accessorising. But in recent years, more men have taken to wearing jewellery, taking cues from famous stars and changing fashion norms alike. For someone new to jewellery, where on earth do you start?

Types of Jewellery 

There are myriad different ways in which you can express yourself through jewellery. Many men make the mistake of thinking narrowly about jewellery – rings, bracelets and necklaces – when it is in fact an extremely broad church, even within traditional gender norms. More quintessential forms of men’s jewellery come in the form of large, chunky rings and necklaces displaying a conviction or symbol. Cross necklaces are a common find, as are simple gold or silver chains – sometimes with a keepsake pendant. Even watches can be considered a form of men’s jewellery, being a fashion accompaniment with a great degree of potential in design. For the more experimental gentleman, there are tasteful ways to interrogate the divide between men’s and women’s jewellery; dangling earrings can be worn to great effect, as evidenced by none other than Harry Styles at the 2019 Met Gala. Styles is a fantastic example of expression through jewellery, frequently wearing pearl necklaces and other charms to complement androgynous looks.

- Serge DeNimes
- Serge DeNimes

Meeting the Occasion 

Of course, none of this information is particularly useful if you still don’t know quite how to approach putting a look together. How do you choose jewellery, and how can you build a look you love? A great start is to think in terms of the places you’re going. Just as with your outfit, your choice of jewellery should match the occasion well. For a formal function or work meeting, the less ostentatious the better. Satin finish rings are strong options, as are unassuming silver necklaces with a deep plunge. For the wrist, a Tag Heuer watch can indicate professionalism by virtue of their sleek design. For more casual occasions, you can get a little more experimental with your jewellery matching. Contrasting materials and colours can make for a more exciting end-look, with fabric and leather bracelets playing off burnished rings and even shining ear studs.

- Photo: Adam Katz Sinding
- Photo: Adam Katz Sinding

Simplicity and Harmony 

If your fashion instincts leave a little to be desired, though, simple is always best. There are some well-heeled pairings you can relay on that work well in practically any scenario. Matching metals is one key approach – or at least, ensuring your accessories match in terms of colour and finish. A silver ring sand brushed-finish watch look elegant at any time, and can work well with silver chains. As a final point, whatever you choose to wear should match your clothes and any dress code you are given. Sometimes, the dress code might give you a new opportunity to accessorise; a black-tie event could give you the chance to display a sleek tie clip alongside your usual wear.

- Private White V.C.
- Private White V.C.

Men can wear a variety of jewellery, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, and watches. In addition, men can also wear earrings, nose rings, and other types of body piercings. It's important to note that the types of jewellery that men choose to wear may vary depending on their personal style and cultural norms. Some men may prefer more traditional and understated pieces, while others may be more experimental and bold in their jewellery choices. Ultimately, the most important thing is to choose pieces that feel comfortable and reflect your personal style.

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