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Do You Drive a Truck?

In the United States, trucks are one of the most commonly owned types of vehicles. It’s not hard to see why, when you consider the size of American roads. When you drive a truck, you command the road around you, carving out a section of it for yourself. When you command the road, you’re less likely to be involved in an accident. However, driving trucks can be difficult, especially for people who aren’t used to driving large vehicles. This post will tell you about HGV training and some gadgets that you can invest in to make your life easier, as a truck driver.

Dash Cam 

It is important to note, the term ‘truck’ in this article’s context refers to privately owned, pick-up trucks. However, if you are a truck driver (as in somebody who drives a commercial truck) then you may also benefit from the suggestions that will be made here. This post’s first suggestion is one that can definitely benefit both private and commercial truck drivers. Dash cams can be fixed to your vehicle’s dashboard and will record any interactions that you have with other road users. It is also possible to buy a truck GPS with dash cam, as in a dash cam that has a GPS device attached to it. Such devices are great additions to private and commercial trucks because they are both commonly targeted by thieves, though they are more useful in commercial vehicles.

Phone Holder 

Phone holders might not seem particularly advanced, but they are a great addition to any person’s vehicle. People who drive trucks tend more often than not to spend a lot of time on the road. If you are one such individual, then investing in a phone holder will mean that you are able to use your phone’s satnav app, as well as talk to your friends on the phone. Phone holders mean you do not need to physically hold your phone and use it, which is of course, against the law. 

Cleaning Putty 

Cleaning putty, again, might not seem advanced, and it is not technically a ‘tech gadget’ but it is nonetheless a fantastic investment. Truck drivers tend to spend a lot of time driving. Depending on where they are driving, the windows could be closed due to cold weather. When a person is stuck inside a car with the windows closed, dust can get everywhere. Cleaning putty can be applied to your truck’s air-conditioning vents and can be used to collect all of the dust that’s hiding in them. Keeping your truck cabin’s air completely free from dust and pollutants is essential if you care about your health. 

Handheld Vacuum 

Another gadget that’s worth investing in is a handheld vacuum cleaner. Owning a handheld vacuum cleaner will mean that you can clean your truck’s cabin up immediately, whenever you need to. These cleaners are often powered by batteries, though sometimes, they plug into your truck’s USB slot. Handheld vacuum cleaners are widely available. They have detachable bins, so as soon as you are done, you can empty all of the dust and dirt that’s been collected out of the window. Again, keeping your truck’s cabin clean should be one of your main priorities. The cleaner it is, the safer it is for you to be there.

Tyre Inflator 

Trucks tend to be built with durable, solid tyres. However, if you are driving your truck long distance and a tyre goes, then you’ll definitely want to have an inflator with you. An inflator will mean that you can patch up the damage and keep your tyre inflated, giving you just enough time to get on over to a mechanic. Without an inflator, you might not be able to get your car running again. Make sure to always take a spare tyre with you too, as well as a jack. 

Seat Cushions 

Heated seat cushions are a fantastic addition to any truck driver’s cabin. You can even buy heated cushions that have built-in massagers. These cushions are usually plugged into the cabin’s USB, in order to power them. Heated seat cushions are particularly useful for drivers who live in cold areas. If the weather’s cold where you live, then a heated cushion will keep you warm all winter. Everybody knows that using your car’s heating burns fuel, and fuel is more expensive than ever right now. Having a heated cushion that’s powered by electricity will save you money and keep you comfortable. 

Trucks tend more often than not to have a lot of gadgets built into them, mainly because they are large and expensive vehicles. If you own one, then investing in additional gadgets can be a great way of making your truck more useful. Give the gadgets listed here some thought. To learn about DPF Pressure Sensors "see more".

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