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Must-Know Wedding Guest Styling Tips

There are many rules for female wedding guests when dressing to attend a wedding- don’t wear white, don’t wear a tiara, don’t match the bridesmaids and more! However, it can be more difficult for men to know exactly what to wear when attending a wedding. This extensive guide can point you in the right direction when it comes to perfecting your wedding guest outfit, so that you will look awesome on your friend or family member’s big day!

Look At The Invite 

When you get the invite in the post, take a close look for where it says the dress code. This is a vital piece of information which will allow you to know what the styles of clothes you will need to wear to the wedding. If it doesn’t say, make sure you double check with the couple. This will help you to create a perfect wedding guest outfit.

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If the wedding is black-tie, you will be a bit more restricted. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of room for your own personal taste. You will need to wear very smart black trousers and a tuxedo or what is called a ‘tropical dinner jacket’ which is a crisp ivory dinner jacket. Make sure that you look at the season before you go for tropical black tie however, as this could be seen as a faux pas if you wear it in cold climates. A black tuxedo is a safer bet, alongside a bow tie. 


A formal wedding is a little less restrictive than a black-tie wedding. While tuxedos are optional, a full suit is expected. However, there is more freedom in picking colours and adding your own personal changes to your outfit. Picking either a 2-piece of 3-piece suit is suitable for a formal wedding. Dark colours are often best for a formal wedding, such as grey, charcoal, navy blue, or burgundy. Definitely opt for a collared dress shirt with a smart tie or bow tie. However, here you can really show your individuality with colours and patterns- while white shirts are a safe choice, it wouldn’t be a faux pas for you to experiment here. Incorporating pinstripes or pastel colours are a great way to jazz up your outfit.

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- Suit Direct


While cocktail and semi-formal weddings are still chic, there is room for you to incorporate a lot of individuality here. Tasteful patterned suits are very acceptable for a cocktail wedding, and you can be more experimental with fabrics such as velvet or satin. You can experiment more with colours as well- forest greens and lighter blues are a great choice for a cocktail wedding. If you feel a bit more casual and you’re confident you can pair your clothes well, you can even get away with a smart blazer and chinos. 


Just because it says casual, doesn’t mean you can show up in a tracksuit. You’re still celebrating a marriage union, so you can’t show up in casual beach shorts (unless otherwise stated by the couple!) Err on the side of caution and show the best of your style when attending a casual wedding. At least pair a blazer with a pair of dark chinos or dark coloured jeans, with a patterned shirt. You can experiment with more jewellery and accessories here, and if you opt for a tie, you can take it off if it feels appropriate later on in the day. Dressing for the code will make sure you fit in while looking stylish, and you don’t upset the couple on their special day.

What’s The Season? 

Fitting into the season of the wedding can be done in multiple ways. If the wedding is black-tie, there is little room for your own personalisation and styling. However, by paying close attention to the season, you will be able to find a colour palette that suits the surroundings. 


You’ll probably want to keep warm if it’s a winter wedding, particularly if the event is being held in an older venue. Selecting a suit in a thick fabric such as wool will make sure you stay warm during the day (luckily for you, most traditional suits are made from wool!) Adding accents with velvet is a great way to add some texture, and matches the season perfectly. Try to avoid warm colours, as they might clash with the theme of the wedding. 


Gentle colours are great to wear during spring as they match the theme of the season perfectly- light greys and pastels are perfect. Lighter fabrics such as linen are also great to keep you cooler as the weather heats up.

- Primark
- Primark


While some people might hold formal weddings in the summer, there will often be some leniency in terms of fabrics and colours so that people can keep cool, especially if the wedding is held outside. If you’re unsure, check with the couple in advance. Thin, light coloured fabrics such as cotton are a great idea to keep you cool while attending a summer wedding. 


Autumn can be funny when it comes to the weather- hot one minute, cold the next. Selecting a suit in a fabric such as mohair can let you breathe but also keep you insulated if the weather takes a turn. Jewel toned colours such as forest green and ruby red can be interesting colours to play with and suit the season perfectly. 

Tailoring Is Key 

Suits are all about the fit- if your suit doesn’t fit quite right, you won’t look as stylish and sophisticated as you want to. Having a suit made-to-measure can really increase your style credentials as the fit of your clothes is at least half of being fashionable. Getting accurate measurements and a tailor to alter your clothes will ensure you’re looking as stylish as you possibly can.

- Marc Darcy
- Marc Darcy

Know Your Colours 

Although there have been many suggested colours in this article, knowing which tones suit you the best is a great way to improve your style. Knowing your colour profile can help you decide which are the best colours to select in your clothes. This can really enhance your look. 

Match Your Date 

Subtly matching your date can be a fantastic way to look very stylish if you’ve got a plus one- or if you are the plus one! Women put a lot of effort into their wedding guest dresses and subtly incorporating the colour or pattern of your date’s dress into your outfit can make your joint look much more cohesive. A matching pocket square and tie can be a great way to do this. If they’re not wearing a dress, you can always co-ordinate the colours of yours and your date’s outfit in other ways by planning your outfits ahead of time. 

Above it all, enjoy yourself and have fun. Make sure you’re comfortable in your wedding outfit so you can dance and celebrate a couple’s union and love. Your comfort in your clothes is just as important as the style, so make sure you don’t rush into an outfit you’re uncomfortable in!

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