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Brighton Short Stays: 8 Things to Know for the Perfect Whistle Stop Trip

If you’re planning a whistle stop tour of any city, particularly one as vibrant and diverse as Brighton, you’re sure to want to experience all the highlights of the place. Of course, it isn’t possible to visit everything in a short weekend or overnight trip, and what counts as a highlight can vary significantly from person to person. No matter how long you stay in a city like Brighton, you’re likely to want to return to see more of the things you missed the first time around. With any trip to a new place, there are a few crucial things that you need to consider before you set off. The most important is accommodation, which is typically cheaper and easier to find in advance, compared with finding somewhere to stay on your arrival. With only a night or two in Brighton, it is vital to find the best accommodation, travel, and places to eat. Once these are sorted, making a list of the places to visit that interest you most is crucial.

Find The Right Accommodation 

Where you stay will make all the difference to your time in Brighton. For short stays, there is the option to use hotels, bed, and breakfasts, or short-term lets like Airbnbs. Choosing quality places to stay is critical to ensure your comfort and enjoyment while you’re in Brighton. The quality of Airbnbs can be tough to gauge from the listings alone, so consider looking for listings whose owners have them managed by specialist companies. Properties managed by professional concierge businesses like the GuestReady Airbnb management company in Brighton are ideal for short-stay tourists.

Take A Walk on The Beach 

Brighton Beach is a pebbly beach and one of the most famous in the UK. Like most of the UK, Brighton isn’t known for being sunny and warm all year round, but when the sun does come out, there’s no better place to be than Brighton beach. You’ll need sturdy shoes since the beach is made of pebbles and rocks. You could also consider taking a deck chair and soaking up the rays for an hour or two, watching the tide roll in. Just keep in mind that Brighton beach can get very busy during the peak seasons of spring and summer. 

Visit The British Airways i360 

For a truly breath-taking view of Brighton, the British Airways i360 tower is the place to be. At 162m tall, this observation tower gives you a stunning 360-degree view of Brighton, the English Channel and the surrounding areas. The British Airways i360 uses an air flight theme, with tickets, boarding passes and check-in when you go onto the ride. You are then taken slowly up the tower, giving you ample opportunity to observe the stunning scenery around Brighton. You can also get a selection of beverages on the ride, from refreshing fruit juices to locally brewed beers.

See The Royal Pavilion 

The Royal Pavilion is built by King George IV as a relaxing and decadent seaside resort to escape to from London. Built by John Nash, the palace took inspiration from Indian architecture, going from a modest seaside villa to the sprawling structure that can be seen today in Brighton. For a short break, consider visiting the grounds and viewing the incredible building from outside. The interior is every bit as grand as the exterior, but truly taking in the architecture and history, inside and out, can easily take up most of an afternoon. For a short break, it is best to go for a walk around the grounds and save the interior for your next trip. 

Hire A Bike 

While Brighton is a fairly compact city, with almost everything reachable on foot, it is important to minimise the time you spend travelling between places. Hiring a bike can be the perfect way to do this. Brighton has a very convenient and cost-effective bike share system, where you can rent a bike for just 3p per minute – though the minimum spend is £1. This can be a great way to get around Brighton quickly and cost-effectively.

Go Shopping in The Lanes 

The Lanes are a famous part of Brighton life, nestled just behind the seafront. It contains shops, cafes, and restaurants in its labyrinthine street system, where shoppers and visitors can get lost for hours. The Lanes are also a hub of Brighton culture and arts, with street art, boutique stores and stunning architecture on every corner. 

Enjoy The Nightlife 

Brighton is also well known for its nightlife. As the cafes and shops start to close for the day, a new side of Brighton will emerge, featuring bars, pubs and clubs to suit any and all musical tastes. Brighton has a lot to be famous for, and one of its biggest draws for many is its LGBTQIA+-friendly nightlife. There are plenty of historic and world-famous gay clubs to visit, along with clubs and bars catering to any kind of night out you might fancy.

Visit The Oldest Aquarium in The World 

Sea Life Brighton, formerly known as Brighton Aquarium, is the oldest aquarium in the world that is still operational. Founded in 1872, the aquarium was taken over by Sea Life in the 90s and is a truly historic place to visit. With Victorian architecture and thousands of sea creatures to observe, this is a perfect choice for any visitor. The aquarium is also part of a scheme to help maintain, rescue, and increase the population of endangered at-risk fish, keeping them humanely in an environment where they can flourish. 

Planning your short break to Brighton is crucial to make the most of the experience. Whenever you have a very short time in any major city, it is vital to know what to expect and what you want to do while you’re there. The last thing you want is to spend your precious time deciding or planning where you need to be next. It is an excellent idea to do some research to find the places to go and things to see while you’re in Brighton so that you can fit in as much sightseeing and enjoyment of the culture and unique atmosphere as possible.

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