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8 Types of Jackets Every Man Should Have in His Wardrobe

Stylish jackets are a must-have for men. They provide layering opportunities while allowing you to showcase your appreciation for today’s most popular fashion trends. There are many different types of jackets to consider. Chances are, you need to shop for more than just one. Keep reading to learn how a bomber jacket, sport coat and other styles can enhance your wardrobe.

1. Bomber Jacket 

Bomber jackets have a rich history. Created in the 1950s, they are prized for their durability, water resistance and lightweight silhouette. Bomber jackets designed to protect you from the elements without weighing you down. Today, you can find men's bomber jackets in various materials and colours. Navy, army green, black, and tan are all great options that are sure to coordinate with pieces in your closet.

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2. Denim Jacket 

Another jacket you should definitely have in your closet is a denim jacket. Denim is a timeless fabric that’s super versatile. Denim jackets go best over pants made from a different material. Pair your jacket with a pair of joggers or trousers, and you’re good to go! Something else to consider is that denim jackets come in various thicknesses and washes. For example, you can find a thin denim shirt jacket that will work well in the warm spring or summer weather. Or you can opt for a heavyweight denim jacket that is perfect for the transitions from fall to winter as well as warmer winter days. Check out light-wash, medium-wash, and dark-wash jacket options as well. 

3. Suit Jacket 

Historically, suit jackets were mainly for formal events. However, today, they are paired with more casual pieces to create a look fit for the office or a night out with friends. Make sure you have a suit jacket that fits you well and caters to your sense of style. When styling a suit jacket, you can wear one over a button-down and with a pair of trousers. For a casual office setting, you can even wear a suit jacket over a pair of dark-wash jeans. This creates the perfect balance between laid-back style and professionalism.

4. Sport Jacket 

A sport coat is another must-have that is very similar to a suit jacket. However, a sport coat typically is less structured and less fitted. It gives you more room to move around and can be a bit more comfortable for all-day wear. Sport coats typically come in a wider range of colours and patterns. You can also check out sport coats with details like elbow patches, pockets, pleats and more. Use this coat option as a chance to express your unique style preferences

5. Topcoat 

A men’s topcoat is a great piece to have in your wardrobe. Topcoats are a type of overcoat that are lightweight and fall at or just above the knee. They are very similar to trench coats. However, a trench coat is usually made with heavier material and often falls below the knee. Topcoats are sophisticated and can elevate your outfit very quickly. Consider dark, neutral topcoats in black or dark grey. Camel or plaid are also standout options that are sure to help you put together a sleek look.

6. Utility Jacket 

Utility jackets are all about function. So, if you’re looking for a jacket that is going to last, this is the way to go. Utility jackets come in numerous styles and have various features like hoods, chest pockets, flannel lining and collars. If you’re looking for a utility jacket to wear when running errands, look for warm and water-resistant options to stay comfortable in the wind or rain. If you’re looking for something to wear around the house, you can opt for a corduroy utility jacket with a collar and chest pockets. Ultimately, they’re perfect to just throw on and go. 

7. Harrington Jacket 

Harrington jackets first popped up in the 1930s and are returning now as a vintage-inspired option for outerwear. These jackets fall to the waist or a little below it. They are usually cinched at the waist and the wrists with a stretchy ribbed elastic. They feature a collar and a zipper with lightweight construction. Typically, Harrington jackets are waterproof or water-resistant. While a Harrington jacket is a great choice for wearing outside, they are also suitable for indoor wear. Layer them with jeans and a white T-shirt for a casual look, or wear trousers and a button-down for an office-ready look.

8. Puffer Jacket 

Puffer jackets have been a hit in recent years, and they still are today. They are stylish and functional with a lightweight, comfortable design. Even though they are lightweight, puffer jackets still do a good job of keeping you warm. Check out puffer coats with removable hoods for added versatility, or opt for a simple collared design. Puffer jackets also come in many different colours and lengths. Longer puffer coats are great for chilly winter weather, while shorter options are great for layering. Find a charcoal grey or black coat to go with everything or go bold with a vibrant blue or red design. 

Complete Your Wardrobe with a Variety of Jackets 

No one jacket will meet all your needs but choosing some of these jacket options will help you create a well-rounded wardrobe. With the right styles on hand, you can dress for all types of weather and all occasions. Keep these eight styles in mind, and shop for men’s coats confidently.

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