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5 Most Popular Glasses Frames Among Footballers

Although footballers aren’t readily associated with wearing glasses, there are many examples of some of the world’s most famous names from the sport donning iconic frames when away from the pitch. In fact, some of the most famous players on the planet are avid eyewear wearers, and have even developed their own style to compliment their looks. Footballers tend to have a flair for a wide variety of fashion and more ostentatious looks when they’re not out on the field, so with this in mind, let’s explore the most popular styles of glasses frames that footballers look for when creating a fashionable look:

Traditional Thick Dark Frames 

Although he’s not often photographed wearing his lenses, five-time Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo is an avid wearer of glasses, and a keen follower of sunglasses fashion to boot. While Ronaldo’s name can often be found swirling around heated debates about who is most deserving of GOAT status in football, his choice of glasses is altogether more understated, with traditional thick black frames being the Portuguese star’s go-to. Although understated in looks, there’s nothing small-fry about Ronaldo’s extensive collection of sunglasses, which regularly features leading fashion houses like Louis Vuitton among other major names. In 2021, the football icon even launched his very own eyewear range, called the CR7 Collection. Cristiano Ronaldo is certainly not the only world famous footballer to enjoy traditional dark glasses frames, and other players like Bastian Schweinsteiger and Jerome Boateng have all been photographed wearing the timeless frames. Meanwhile, recently retired Brazilian star Kaká went one step further and modeled for Emporio Armani’s eyewear collection back in 2009, donning his traditional black frames.

- Cristiano Ronaldo
- Cristiano Ronaldo

Rectangular Frames 

Another popular style of frame for footballers appears to be the rectangular look. One of the leading wearers of rectangular frames is World Cup and European Championships winner Lilian Thuram. The French defender was an articulate and technically gifted full-back who appears to have had many of his best qualities transfer into life after football, having become a UNICEF ambassador and a passionate campaigner for equal rights. It seems only natural that Thuram has adopted these sophisticated rectangular lenses as his personal style, adopting a look that underlines his intelligence both on and off the pitch. 


Naturally, as the epitome of coolness, it’s unsurprising that Aviators have entered the fray as some of the most popular frames among footballers. Leading players like Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Edgar Davids, and John Terry have all been eager adopters of the iconic glasses, and a whole host of other household names sought to use the frames during their return to prominence in the late 2000s. Aviators are a timeless classic as far as footballers are concerned, and we can be certain to see more star players donning the shades at events and outdoor functions long into the future.

- David Beckham
- David Beckham

Circular Frames 

Circular frames have also become wildly popular among footballers in recent years, particularly in the wake of the US national women’s team’s success in the World Cup of 2019 as Megan Rapinoe was regularly photographed wearing a pair of stylish circular frames with pink tinted lenses to perfectly complement her signature pink hair. The frames themselves appear similar to Tiffany’s range of striking pink tinted circular frames, and it’s possible to learn of Rapinoe’s other favoured glasses styles across the range, including Rapinoe’s more chunky sunglasses frames worn during her USWNT victory parade. Other footballers like German legend Jerome Boateng have sported circular frames and with the style becoming a popular fashion trend in recent months, we’re likely to see more players go for the circular look this summer. 

Sports Goggles 

No list would be complete without an honorable mention for the sports goggles that cast an iconic look for a select few players on the pitch. Made famous by Dutch superstar Edgar Davids, who wore the protective lenses during matches after his right eye was operated on following a glaucoma diagnosis, the sports goggles are a relatively uncommon sight on the pitch, but this only adds to the intrigue surrounding the footballers who opt to wear sports goggles to help protect their eyes when recovering from an injury or illness. In fact, so famous are Edgar Davids’ sports goggles that the style can be found retailing for thousands of dollars on eBay.

- Megan Rapinoe
- Megan Rapinoe

Footballers and glasses of all shapes and sizes have created stunning looks for decades, and whether they’re a sophisticated style, trendy shades, or sports goggles, it’s clear that this special relationship between our favourite stars and their frames is going nowhere fast. While we can’t predict what direction footballer fashion will take over the coming years, it’s going to be exciting to see what styles become popular in the future. If one thing’s for certain, we can be sure that there will never be a dull moment when it comes to footballers and style.

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