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How to Make Sure Your Wedding Music Matches Your Aesthetic

Music plays a massive role in setting the scene. It’s true in movies and television series, and it’s true in real life. If you really want to set the tone for your big day and have it carry through with your theme, then choosing the right music is a must. That music can even match your wedding aesthetic to truly blend through your day and make it feel spectacular.

Matching Genre with Your Aesthetic 

There are some genres that match perfectly with different wedding themes. If you’re opting for a classic, timeless wedding, for example, classical music is a must. This can be done by hiring a pianist or a harpist for your big day. If it’s art deco themed, then bring on the jazz. In a rustic barn? Warm it up with country music. There are so many different ways that your music can carry through your theme and match it to elevate the overall ambiance.

Finding the Right Sound 

The right genre of music is the first step. The more important factor to consider when hiring wedding music bands is their sound. Listen through pre-recorded demos so that you can get a feel for how they sound and see if it matches what you expect out of the night. Are they a soul singer who can belt out those love ballads? A soft-spoken voice to carry on songs of love like they’re secret? Work out what kind of soundtrack you’d want if your wedding were a movie, and then try to find the exact sound to match. 

Outfit Requests 

You can request that your entertainers match your wedding theme, particularly if it’s a dramatic choice. If you’re going with an all-white theme, for example, ask your entertainers to wear as much white as possible. If you have specific clothes you want them to wear and not general recommendations, then know you’ll have to supply them.

Stage Dressing 

It isn’t just the band’s outfits that will make a difference, but the stage as well. Dress the stage so that it flows with your wedding’s décor and blends in. While live music is absolutely a highlight, it shouldn’t steal the show, so blend in the stage and acoustic equipment so it’s not quite so jarring amongst your decorations, and you’ll be good to go. 

Create a Song 

Schedule You’ll need to work with the band so that they know which songs to play and at which points of the day. This should be coordinated with all your vendors. This way, you can have soft background music of a piano while you do your speeches, for example, and a big affair during the first dance.

For best results, this does mean hiring more than one entertainer for your big day. It might not even work out to be that much more costly in comparison to hiring one band for the whole event. Whatever the case, just remember to look for top talent first so that you can enjoy the best experience on your wedding day.

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