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The Signs of a Botched Dental Implant Job

Dentistry in the UK is in an uncomfortable position at the moment. NHS dentists are in extremely short supply, and private practice has practically become the norm in the wake of extremely high demand. Teeth are also a sensitive part of the body, both physically and figuratively – leading many to potentially drastic measures when it comes to treatment. Dental implants are a strong example of this phenomenon in action, being a life-changing treatment for many with dental issues. Crown procedures have become particularly popular, wherein existing teeth are filed down and new crowns fitted around them; where teeth are missing, special screw implants are fixed into the jaw. The procedure is an expensive one, though, leading many to seek cheaper treatment in Turkey. This has given rise to a phenomenon called ‘Turkey Teeth’. But the cheaper care in Turkey also comes at a potentially devastating cost, relating to the quality of work done. A recent BBC documentary found that hundreds of UK dentists had spent time remedying shoddy work done in Turkey. Where improper or botched implant jobs are done, victims may be able to recoup damages via an orthopaedic injury claim – but what signs are there that point to botched or shoddy work?

Implant at Wrong Angle 

An implant may be obviously improperly installed if it appears to be at odds with other teeth, or at a strange angle with respect to the rest of your facial features. This might suggest that the practitioner has filed too much of your existing teeth away, or that the screw implant was drilled in askance.

Poor Spacing Between Implants 

Some who have publicised their complete Turkish crown replacements on social media platforms have received harsh criticism from followers, with terms like ‘piano teeth’ becoming more common in comment sections. This might specifically refer to overly large gaps between implants. 

Jaw Pain 

Sometimes the evidence of an improper implant job is not visual in nature says this expert family dentist in Ballwin. Your implant might look absolutely fine, but this is not the sole requisite for good dental work. It is to be expected that the area around your implant will be sore for a small amount of time after the work is done, but this pain should eventually disappear altogether; if you are experiencing incessant or intermittent jaw pain after your implant, this could be a sign that your implant was carried out improperly. Dental work is not something to which any of us look forward. It can be discomforting and even painful to undergo extensive dental work, to say nothing of the time spent both in anticipation and recovery. As such, any further roadblocks to dental health are extremely serious for more than one reason. Knowing the signs of negligent practice are vital to getting the compensation you deserve, in the unfortunate event that you suffer as above.

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