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How to Sell Your Unworn Clothes

Do you have clothes that you don’t wear? Whether they no longer fit or simply just don’t suit your style anymore, there is good money to be made from selling the clothes you no longer wear. Not only is selling unworn clothes a good way to generate some extra cash, but it also helps prevent clothing from going to landfill and means they can be loved by someone else. With a surge in the popularity of second-hand clothing, it can now be more difficult to sell as there is so much choice for consumers. The below steps with help you to improve your sales rate.

Choose a sales platform 

We are now completely spoilt for choice on where to sell clothes online. With so many platforms to pick from, it is worth spending some time assessing your options and deciding which is best for you. This will depend on the types of clothes and brands you’re selling, as well as your shipping and fee preferences. It may be that you try multiple platforms before deciding which one you like the most. Make sure not to list the same item on multiple sites as you risk the item being sold more than once which means you will then need to let down one or multiple customers. If you are struggling to decide on which platform to use, read user reviews to help gain insight.

- Depop
- Depop

Take care of your clothes 

The better the quality of your clothes, the more people are going to want them and the more you can charge. Making sure that you properly wash and store your clothes before you sell them is crucial and will help to increase customer satisfaction when they receive the item. 

Price fairly and be honest 

When selling second-hand clothes, it is crucial that you are honest. You never know what people are looking for and so it is fine to sell clothes that aren’t in great condition as long as you are upfront about it. If you are selling an item that has a fault, whether that be a hole or a stain, make sure to state this in the description of the item and include clear photos of the damage. That way, customers can make an informed decision as to whether they want to purchase, and you are less likely to receive complaints or refund requests. It is also key that you price fairly based on condition. No one is going to pay close to retail price for a damaged item so make sure your price is reflective of quality.

- Thredup
- Thredup

Up your photography game 

The way you photograph your clothing will have a direct impact on the success of your sales. People are far more likely to buy something if you have included clear photographs on the listing. Try to remove any distractions from the image and photograph clothes with a neutral background. Take shots from different angles and include images of care labels too. Be open to sending additional images at the request of potential buyers. 

Encourage repeat purchases 

Once you get into the swing of selling clothes online, you can begin to encourage repeat purchases and multiple orders from customers. One way to do this would be to create some business cards to include when you send out packages. These cards should have details of your page on to encourage customers to take another look and see if there is anything else they’d like to buy. You could even include a discount code too.

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