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How to Elevate Your Style as a Man

Style can be useful in so many different ways. Having great style can help create favourable first impressions as well as make you feel more confident. Clothes and accessories are a great way to show off your personality by styling unique details to make you stand out. Here are some tips to elevate your style:

Invest in basics 

Everyone is guilty of having pieces in their wardrobes that are specifically for certain outfits in niche occasions. These items of clothing take up space and are rarely used. Instead, you should build a solid base wardrobe that is versatile and can all be worn with other pieces. It can be hard to keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends, so instead think about essentials. There are things like a plain white t-shirt. This can be worn with jeans on your casual days but can be elevated under a suit for a smarter look. A great pair of fitted jeans can also be timeless and move with your changing style.

- Cuts Clothing
- Cuts Clothing

Change it up 

Whilst it is comforting to have certain outfits that will work in most situations, changing up your style can help to boost your confidence and allow you to find out new dimensions of yourself. These changes can start relatively small. For example, if you are a glasses wearer you could try wearing contact lenses instead. This will change the look of your face and stop the impracticalities of taking glasses on and off depending on when you need them or not. Another option is to try wearing a new colour. Start small with a different coloured tie or pair of socks. If you like how it looks, you could try a jumper or shirt in that colour instead. 

The small details 

Accessorising as a man may feel slightly daunting – you don’t want to feel flashy or over the top. But tasteful accessories can lift an outfit to the next level. If you regularly wear belts then matching them to your shoes can help create a cohesive look. Whilst matching the colour is easy, you may want to think about the fabrics as well. In a formal look, having a leather shoe and leather belt makes sense and helps add polish to the look. Investing in a classic timepiece is another simple way to add personality and interest to your style. As you wear watches on your wrist they will be visible with any outfit and draw the eye in.

- Shinola
- Shinola


Tailoring is an art form and finding a good tailor is helpful if you are between sizes or on either side of the average height. A tailor will be able to work with you to fit your clothes properly and hide any parts you are less confident about. Tailoring isn’t just for suits – it can be used for most items of clothing. For example, you may need a pair of jeans adjusting or a bike jacket taking in slightly at the waist. Make sure to have open communication with your tailor so they know what you expect, and you are confident in the ability they have to achieve it.

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