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Long Hair for Men: How Can You Grow and Maintain Longer Hair?

Every man has thought about growing their hair long at least once. It is something of a rite of passage, just as much as shaving it all off can be – but not all that many men have the staying power to hang on to their luscious locks, even if they like the style. One of the major reasons for this is hair care; longer hair is quite simply more difficult to maintain and care for, to say nothing of the perennial difficulties brought on by it getting in the way of your face! But hair care needn’t be a difficult thing. Longer hair might need a little more attention than short hair, but there are some simple ways to incorporate this care into your routine. With some of the following tips, you can make long hair a much more accessible reality than before!

Healthy Hair Habits 

In order to give your hair the best possible chance of a fruitful and happy life, you need to start adopting some healthy habits. Just as parts of your body need nutrients to grow and operate effectively, so too do your hair follicles – and putting the wrong things in your body can have knock-on effects on the health of your hair in the long term. For example, smoking is the enemy of healthy hair growth, as it inhibits the amount of nutrients your follicles can receive. But it’s not just about kicking bad habits. You should also be adopting some good ones, such as embarking on a healthy balanced diet. Provided your diet contains strong sources of protein, iron and Omega 3 fatty acids, you can be sure that your hair is getting everything it needs to grow with strength and in abundance.

Hair Products and Tools 

Of course, there are some factors that are a little out of your control. For numerous distinct reasons, you might be experiencing thinning or receding hair – be it stress, genetics, illness or something else. Not all of these can be counteracted, but hair supplements are a good idea for ensuring your follicles get the best opportunity to bounce back. For longer hair, hair products can be essential for maintaining integrity. Leave-in conditioners, for example, are a great way to ensure your hair remains moisturised and supple. Oil is also important for your hair, and the main reason for which you should avoid shampooing over-often. 

Trimming and Maintenance 

Somewhat counterintuitively, getting your hair cut can be a vital part in the hair growth process. Leaving your hair unattended invites split ends, which can threaten hair and also lead to shabby looks. Regular trims can keep layers in your hair, ensuring it remains shapely and chic!

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