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How to Choose the Perfect Scent for Your Partner

Purchasing the perfect perfume for your partner and loved one is a thoughtful and intimate gift. But making sure the fragrance is ideal for the person on the receiving end, is of high quality, and wears well on their skin can be a tricky balance to achieve. Many factors influence how different scents smell on our bodies, from our diets, skin moisture, genes and hormone levels. Luckily, there are ways to make a well-informed purchase that is sure to please the recipient of your personal gift. Whether you pursue big-name brands like Marc Jacobs perfumes or choose the vegan brand route, there is an intoxicating and appealing scent for everyone.

Explore Their Current Picks 

Before you start deciding on a new perfume choice for your partner, you need to gain an idea of what they currently wear and like. If you suspect they won't get suspicious about what you are planning, you can ask them directly about their choices. But a better option is to look yourself and take a picture of the bottle on your phone to use as a comparison once you are at the store. Furthermore, it is a good idea to smell the fragrance so you are aware of its smell and have a base on which to build. Every scent has a distinguishable character that makes it recognisable. Having all this information allows you to make more educated decisions.

Do Your Research 

Once you know their chosen scent or perfume, it is time to research the family it falls into and the complimenting bouquets that work with it and not against it. If you want to speak to someone with comprehensive knowledge of the different fragrances and smells, avoid big department stores and shop at specialised retailers instead. They can help you work through the different perfumes that fall into the same family and help you choose something different that your partner will love. Additionally, they may be able to provide you with small sample bottles you can take home and test before purchasing the full-size option. 

Match Their Personality 

Like most things in the fashion and beauty world, products are created to fit the different personalities of the people hoping to buy them. Matching a scent with someone’s character is an essential part of buying the perfect fragrance for your loved one. Overpowering smells that grab attention and draw focus are not a wise or realistic choice for someone who doesn’t typically wear perfumes or has a quieter and more discreet personality. Lighter florals, soft orientals and light musky or citrus fragrances will serve them best. Alternatively, loud and outgoing personalities can carry strong orientals, heavy white flowers, spicy notes and earthy wood smells with confidence.

Don’t Focus on Brand Names 

Big names brands like Chanel, Hugo Boss, and Versace will surely deliver high-quality and lasting fragrances. But a famous name brand doesn't guarantee a scent you will love and want, so focus more on the smell of the perfume and less on the brand that makes it. Bigger brands cater to the broader public, with common scent bases and familiar bouquets. Suppose you want something unique that ties back to a particular memory or person in your life. In that case, you will likely have more success with companies that specialise in fragrances and how the different notes work together to bring out their best features. 

Look Beyond Perfumes 

Good quality perfumes cost a lot. And making the wrong decision can be a costly mistake. If you don’t feel confident in committing to a bouquet, look beyond the traditional spray. Soaps, room sprays, lotions, and bath oils are excellent fragrance alternatives that can offer an impactful and lasting punch of intoxicating aromas they will love. Additionally, it is an excellent way of learning their favourite scents for any future purchases you may want to make and help you to eliminate the options they wholeheartedly dislike.

Perfume Experiences 

Many companies and retail stores that specialise in creating and selling perfumes offer unique opportunities known as perfume experiences. While the experiences themselves may differ slightly from place to place, they will typically involve allowing attendees to attend a workshop that teaches them the different notes that can be used in making a fragrance and offer them the chance to create their own unique scent. Alternatively, you can buy them perfume-building sets that let them create a masterpiece in the comfort of their own home. An excellent and thoughtful gift that allows them to explore different scents and combinations and discover their new signature smell, with the added guarantee you will never choose wrong. 

Stick to What You Know 

Perfumes are the ultimate gift, and while you may have good intentions when wanting to spoil the special person in your life, it is a very personal item that needs to fit our personal tastes and wear well on our skin. If you are worried that you are not going to choose the best option or are struggling to find an alternative to what they already use and love, purchasing their favourite fragrance can still be a thoughtful and indulgent gift they are guaranteed to love and appreciate.

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