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Backpacking Through Greece on a Budget

Alright, my fellow money-saving travellers? Gather 'round! If your dream is to laze on a yacht in Greece while living on a beer budget, but you've got champagne tastes, then you're in for a right old treat!

Somewhere simple to stay 

First things first, let's discuss digs. Fancy a room with a view of the Aegean, without the cash splash? Well, hostels in Greece are surprisingly posh and dirt cheap. No, you won't be bunking with Zeus himself, but you will meet a throng of fellow backpackers, each with a tale taller than the last.

Getting around 

Now, onto transport. The Greek islands are like a dazzling string of pearls and trust me, you’ll want to explore them all. But, how do you island hop without breaking the bank? Enter, the humble ferry. It's not as ritzy as a yacht, but it's got a certain rustic charm. Plus, if you're lucky, you may get to feed a stray seagull or two! But hang on, I hear you say, “What about the yacht experience?" Fear not, my budget-conscious friend. You can still sample the high life with a day yacht charter. It's cheaper when shared with a group of your new backpacking chums. It's all about the ambience, isn’t it? Bobbing along the clear blue waters, soaking up the sun, while pretending to be Aristotle Onassis for a day. Posh and practical, I say. 

Greek eating 

Enough about transport, let's talk about the best bit - the scran! Greek food is like a flavour-filled fiesta, and guess what? It's also well affordable. Street food here is top-notch. Gyros is a must-try. Imagine a warm pitta, stuffed with juicy, spit-roasted meat, fresh veggies, and a dollop of tzatziki, all for the price of a pint. You'll be chowing down like a king on a commoner’s budget!

Culture vulture 

For a bit of cultural sightseeing, Athens is your mate. The Acropolis is a beaut, but its entry fee can be a bit steep for a budget traveller. So, here's a top tip: visit on the first Sunday between November and March, and you'll get in for free! Not bad, eh? And it’s not the only place you can find free entry to if you pick the right time, so do your research! 

I love the nightlife

Finally, let’s talk nightlife. Forget posh clubs with overpriced cocktails. Greek island parties are where it's at. From beach bonfires in Ios to moonlight dance-offs in Mykonos, you’ll have a whale of a time without needing a fat wallet. Best of all, you’ll meet lots of fun lovin’ backpackers who will become your new besties too.

So, my budget-conscious buddies, that's your crash course on exploring Greece without splashing the cash. With a bit of savvy planning, you can experience all the gyros, the glamour, and yes, even a bit of yacht-chartering, without selling your grandma's silver. As the Greeks say, 'Kalo Taxidi' or 'Safe Travels'. Now off you go, you brave backpackers! Greece awaits, and remember, budget travel doesn’t mean skimping on the fun.

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