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A Breakdown of Thomas Shelby’s Style

When it comes to iconic style, few characters can rival the legendary Thomas Shelby from the hit TV series Peaky Blinders. Played by the talented Cillian Murphy, Shelby exudes an air of sophistication, power, and mystery. One of the key factors that contribute to his captivating character is his impeccable fashion sense. From tailored suits to carefully chosen accessories, Shelby's wardrobe reflects his character and plays a significant role in defining his image. In this article, we’ll discuss some key garments and accessories that make Thomas Shelby himself.

Tailored suits 

No discussion of Thomas Shelby's style would be complete without mentioning his signature tailored suits. Shelby is rarely seen without his impeccably cut three-piece suits, which fit him like a second skin. Often in shades of grey, navy, or black, these suits exude timeless elegance and sophistication, with carefully chosen details like peak lapels, structured shoulders, and perfectly tailored trousers. Whether he's running his criminal empire or attending a high-profile event, Shelby's tailored suits ensure he commands attention and respect wherever he goes.

Flat cap 

Next on the list is Shelby's iconic flat cap which adds a touch of heritage and authenticity to his look. The Irish flat cap, often made from wool or tweed, is a nod to Shelby's Irish roots and adds a sense of rugged charm to his overall appearance. It perfectly completes his signature look and the best part about it is that thanks to its classic fit it can also easily be worn by the enjoyers of the show in everyday life and also can be found very easily- various online shops sell Irish flat caps- visit store. The Irish flat cap is a subtle yet significant accessory that helps define Shelby's character and sets him apart from the crowd. 


Another crucial element of Thomas Shelby's style is his iconic overcoat. With its heavy wool fabric, sharp peak lapels, and double-breasted design, the overcoat is a true statement piece. Its knee-length silhouette adds an air of formality, while the rich colours, such as deep navy or classic camel, add depth to his ensemble. The overcoat not only keeps Shelby warm during the chilly Birmingham winters but also adds a touch of elegance to his overall look, making his character appear even more powerful and sophisticated.

Oxford shoes 

To complete his look, Thomas Shelby relies on a pair of polished Oxford shoes. With their closed lacing and sleek design, Oxfords have always been the epitome of formal footwear. Shelby's shoes are often in shades of black or brown, meticulously shined to a mirror-like finish which speaks to his attention to detail and his commitment to maintaining a polished appearance at all times. This footwear is another example of a part of Shelby’s wardrobe that fans can incorporate into their own closet, since Oxford shoes are perfect for any formal ensemble.

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