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Why You Need a Great Pair of Casual Glasses

First off, what are casual glasses? Quite simply, these are glasses that are designed for easy-everyday wearing and that are comfortable, stylish, and practical. They should look great with all your favourite casual and smart-casual outfits and be versatile enough to work with the range of colours and patterns in your wardrobe. Importantly, casual glasses are also budget-friendly: these aren’t your designer brand options that you can’t fully relax in, but lightweight specs that can be worn all day and that look great, too.

What to Consider When Choosing a Pair of Casual Glasses 

If you’re thinking about buying a pair of casual glasses, this could be a complement to an existing ‘best’ pair of glasses, such as designer spectacles or statement frames for wearing to special events. Here are the things to consider to ensure you get the very best pair of casual glasses for your needs.

- Cubitts
- Cubitts


Casual eyeglasses needn’t cost the Earth - in fact, it’s usually best to choose a budget option for your kicking back at home on the sofa or heading to the park for a lazy afternoon with friends. After all, the last thing you want is to be worried on your chilled-out day off about your specs getting damaged or lost. Take some time to have a look at budget glasses ranges online - you may be surprised at just how much money you can save compared to designer and ‘luxe’ options. 

Prescription Needs 

Of course, finding glasses that suit your vision needs is paramount. Even if you have a strong prescription regarding corrective lenses, there are many budget frame ranges available that are cost-effective options for casual eyewear. If you require a simple pair of reading glasses, then it may be worth taking a look at the reading glasses on offer at some of the larger pharmacy and discount stores, which can make for excellent daily or spare eyewear solutions. 


Your everyday pair of casual glasses need to be lightweight and comfortable enough to wear for hours of binge-watching your favourite show or a day spent chasing your toddler around the playing field. To get the comfiest eyeglasses possible, pay careful attention to the fit; the arms shouldn’t be too tight against the side of your head or put pressure on your ears. Choosing a pair of spectacles that incorporate adjustable nose pads is an effective way to ensure a good, comfortable fit. Check, too, that the glasses won’t slide down your nose and that the frame isn’t too big for your face, which can also cause discomfort. In general, the outer edge of the frame shouldn’t extend beyond the curve of your cheeks.



When choosing a pair of casual glasses, it’s key to ensure that their style and colour will work with the majority of casual clothes in your wardrobe. To this end, think about which colour, pattern, or distinct style dominates the garments you own, and then try to match your new pair of casual eyeglasses with this overall aesthetic. For ultimate versatility, you may want to consider a pair of glasses with transparent frames. As well as, obviously, matching with any shade of clothes you wear, the frames pick up and reflect a hint of your cloth’s colour for a subtle but stylish and extremely on-trend look. 

Face Shape 

When you’re choosing your new casual eyeglasses, take into account your face shape to choose the most flattering frames possible. Those with square or oblong-shaped faces usually look best in round or oval-shaped frames, while round-faced folk tend to find angular frames most flattering. And if you have an oval face shape? Lucky you! You’ll find that most frame shapes will suit you. 

Skin Tone 

And lastly, consider your skin tone. Those with cool skin tones tend to look great wearing frames in black, lavender, blue, green, and pastel colours, while frames in earth tones, gold, and black look fantastic on people with warm skin tones.

- Jimmy Fairly
- Jimmy Fairly

The Takeaway: The Benefits of Casual Glasses 

Many people are choosing to purchase a great pair of casual glasses as a complement to their regular work specs or occasion eyewear. With the range of prescription and clear options out there in a near-endless variety of styles, there’s no need to sacrifice your style when choosing a pair of everyday eyeglasses. Use the guide above to help you pick the very best pair for your needs so you can relax in comfort and style.

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