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Thomson Carter Redefines How Men Discover Fragrance

Thomson Carter, the distinguished British fragrance house, is setting new standards in men's luxury fragrance by offering an unparalleled and personalised experience. Acknowledging the common struggle many men face in selecting the perfect scent, the brand introduces the revolutionary Discovery Set and a tailored online quiz.

The Discovery Set: The Ultimate Personalised Experience 

The Discovery Set is designed to help men sample a variety of fragrances and discover the one that resonates with them the most. The set allows you to select three fragrances of your choice, even extending the option to "for her" and unisex scents. 

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"Finding the right scent isn't just a choice; it's an expedition into your own character and style. It's one of the most intimate yet public expressions of who you are. The challenge is real but deeply rewarding. That's why our Discovery Set is designed as an exploration kit, allowing you to journey through diverse aromatic landscapes. Take the first step in defining your signature scent with our Discovery Set," says Thomson Carter, the brand's founder. 

The Online Quiz: Guiding You to Your Ideal Fragrance 

To further customise your fragrance journey, Thomson Carter offers an intuitive online quiz that matches your unique preferences to your ideal scent. From mood to fragrance type, the quiz guides you through a series of questions aimed at personalising your scent experience. 

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A Homegrown Brand 

Thomson Carter upholds its UK heritage by crafting all its products from a state-of-the-art production facility within the United Kingdom. 

Ethical Luxury 

Thomson Carter seamlessly integrates luxury with responsibility, ensuring all its fragrances are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, inviting discerning customers to indulge guilt-free. 

The Scent Lineup

Postcards From 

For the Modern Renaissance Individual 

Mood: Sophisticated A blend of cedar, saffron, and amber offers sophistication, perfect for both boardrooms and art galleries. Ideal for the discerning individual.

Lilium Blume 

For the Hopeless Romantic 

Mood: Romantic & Uplifting Planning a romantic date? Gift her Lilium Blume. Its lily and jasmine notes add a layer of allure you both will enjoy. 

Smoke & Mirrors 

For the Maverick 

Mood: Powerful, Mysterious The go-to scent for the guy who thrives on unpredictability. Sandalwood and leather set the tone for late-night escapades. 

Shelby Lane 

For the Classic Gentleman 

Mood: Mysterious, Seductive Channel your inner 007 with this vetiver, sandalwood, and dark musk combo. Suited for black-tie affairs and romantic dinners. 

Bois De Santal 

For the Life of the Party 

Mood: Captivating, Energetic Your social calendar's new best friend, this blend of neroli and bergamot keeps you the focal point in any setting.


For the Adventurous Soul 

Mood: Adventurous A vibrant fusion of citrus, lavender, and musk, Redroom is the scent for those who thrive on new experiences and challenges. Perfect for adventures both in the great outdoors and the concrete jungle. 

Rouge Avenue 

For the Luxe Connoisseur 

Mood: Sensual, Luxurious An extravagant blend of pink pepper and cedar for those opulent nights out or intimate evenings in. 

About Thomson Carter: A Journey Beyond Scent 

Thomson Carter aims to create more than just fragrances; the brand promises an all-encompassing luxury experience. From scents designed to last over 10 hours to meticulously crafted unboxing experiences complete with a personalised note, tote bag, and jewellery cushion, the brand is redefining luxury in fragrance.

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