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The Best Cuban Link Bracelets

Cuban link bracelets have gained immense popularity among both men and women for their captivating aesthetics, meticulous craftsmanship, and enduring allure. They have grown even more popular through pop culture. Celebrities have been wearing both Cuban link bracelets and necklaces in their daily lives, on red carpets or in their music videos. In this blog post, we will delve into the diverse range of Cuban link bracelets available, as well as essential factors to consider when selecting the perfect Cuban link bracelet for your style.

Classic Cuban Link Bracelet 

The Classic Cuban link bracelet stands as one of the most sought-after variations in the realm of Cuban link jewelry. This timeless gold chain features interlocking gold links that form a sturdy and attention-grabbing design. A current reinterpretation of the traditional Cuban link bracelet is the Monaco Chain. While the Cuban link is generally hand made, the Monaco Chain uses patented technology to ensure perfect production every time. The Monaco Chain Classic Plain bracelet is a timeless chain that is the epitome of versatility.

Studded Lock Bracelets 

Building off of the classic, Cuban link bracelets come with different options to customize their locks. If you’re looking for something a little different from the plain yellow gold lock, the Monaco Chain Classic Pavé Lock or Monaco Chain Classic Baguette Lock bracelets are great options. These bracelets feature round or baguette cut Swarovski cubic zirconia that add an extra touch of style and sparkle to your chain. 

Diamond Cut Cuban Link Bracelet 

A unique twist on a classic is the Monaco Chain Classic Diamond Cut bracelet. This bracelet features hand-engraved links that mimic the sparkle and appearance of a diamond-studded chain, so you never have to worry about any stones falling off!

Edge Cuban Link Bracelet 

One design that is becoming increasingly popular is the Monaco Chain Edge Collection. The Edge Cuban link bracelet features angular links that give off a more distinctive and bolder aesthetic. The Monaco Chain Edge Plain is a more subtle example, whereas the Monaco Chain Edge Swarovski is perfect for those who want to go all out! 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cuban Link Bracelet 

1. Link Thickness: The width of the links significantly impacts the overall appearance of the bracelet. Thinner chains are perfect for everyday wearing or layering, whereas chunkier bracelets are great for making a statement. 

2. Bracelet Length: Picking out the correct bracelet length is crucial for comfort. Keep in mind that thicker chains tend to sit tighter on the wrist, so it’s generally a good idea to go for a size that half an inch longer. 

3. Metal Type: Select a metal that complements your skin undertone, style, and wardrobe. 

4. Lock design: When purchasing a gold Cuban link chain bracelet, you want to make sure that it sits comfortably and securely on your wrist. The Double-Click Curved Lock on all Monaco Chain pieces ensures this.

No matter which design you choose, it’s crucial that you purchase your gold jewelry from a trusted, reputable source. Monaco Chain has Oro Monaco as their official retail partner. Oro Monaco’s commitment to quality and stellar customer service will not only guarantee you receive an authentic Monaco Chain, but will also ensure an amazing customer experience. If you’re not sure about sizing or have any other questions, their customer service team is always more than happy to help!

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