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Create a Bespoke Look That Women Can’t Resist

You’ve got an important event to attend. So, you throw on your best trousers, shirt, tie, and sport coat. Everything goes together. You even use some expensive products in your hair. You look pretty good, you think. Then, you arrive and look at the other guys. Suddenly, you don’t feel so good about your look. Everyone else just seems more put together. It’s like they’ve been given a fashion manual and you haven't. Where are you going wrong? Chances are, you’re just missing a few key details. These rules will help you create a bespoke look that earns respect and attracts women.

You Have to Seek Out Quality 

People who are uninterested in fashion will sneeringly dismiss the notion of spending a lot of money on clothing. To them, it’s spending money on a brand or label. In reality, these clothes are often pricey because of quality. They fit better, they feel better, they look better, and they last longer. What if you can’t afford the expensive stuff? You still have options. First, high quality fashion isn’t limited to the latest seasonal offerings by the most coveted designers. You can find decent offerings by middle of the road designers at your local department store. Outlet stores are another option. As long as you stick with the classics, you can find some great items. Finally, consider high-end thrift shops. You’ll be able to source some fabulous clothing with plenty of life left.

- Peregrine
- Peregrine

Find a Tailor 

No, tailors aren’t just there to fit your suits. A good tailor can make virtually anything in your closet fit better. Find a good one, build a relationship with them, and let them help you. Start with some simple alterations. When you are able to, invest in a few custom pieces. This will help you to truly build a unique look rather than one that’s entirely off the rack. Besides, there aren’t many things that look or feel better than a custom-tailored dress shirt. 

Learn to Accessorize 

If you feel like your style is lacking, there’s a good chance that accessories are your issue. Adding any of the following to your ensemble can really make your look pop and help you stand out in a good way: 

- Designer Watch

- Pocket Square 

- Cufflinks 

- Tie 

- Tie Clip 

- Hat 

- Chain 

- Umbrella 

When you accessorize, go for good quality over showy pieces. Think about the final look you want to curate, and never overdo it.

- Hockerty
- Hockerty

Find Colors That Work For You 

Here’s some bad news. You can’t wear any color you want. Your skin tone will work well with some hues, but not others. Pick the wrong ones, and your look will range from sickly to clownish. However, wearing the right colors will help you look vibrant and energized. You can learn your colors by standing in front of the mirror with some swatches of fabric. Even better, get a friend to give you some feedback as you do this. That said, the best way to find your colors is by scheduling a color analysis with a fashion consultant. What happens if you find out you can’t wear a color you absolutely love? Don’t fret. You may be able to use the color with restraint. For example, a red shirt may look terrible on you, but a red pocket square with a bit of red in a patterned tie may work quite well. Also, you can be a bit less restrictive with anything you wear on your bottom half. 

Think in Layers 

Layering may be the single best concept in the world of fashion. From a practical standpoint, layering allows you to look great in all weather. Also, when you layer your clothing you can add and remove items based on the dress code for any event. Think about layers when you buy clothing. Start with slacks, a dress shirt, and a tie. Then, build up from there. What about a sweater or vest? Add a sports coat or a blazer? Now, you can vary your layers to work in numerous situations.

- Private White V.C.
- Private White V.C.

Get Inspired But Don’t be a Copycat 

As you go deeper to learn what makes women want to date some men more than ever, you’ll find that individualism triumphs over impersonation. So, feel free to find inspiration in well-dressed stars and fashion magazines, but build your own look. Otherwise, your style will look more like a costume that custom chosen fashion. Similarly, be careful about dressing yourself just like the mannequins at the store. What works for a model or a doll may not work for you. Instead, pay attention to the concepts behind the looks. 

It’s Worth Spending Time on Your Look 

You don’t need to be a clothes horse or even particularly interested in fashion to benefit from some basic style knowledge. Spend some time now learning what makes you look good, and how to put together a great ensemble. Later, no matter what the trends are, you’ll be able to stand out with a bespoke style that other people want to emulate.

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