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13 Essential Finishing Touches That Can Make Or Break Your Look

Fashion is a language spoken without words; it's an articulation of your character and a reflection of your tastes. While your clothing choices certainly make an initial statement, it's the finishing touches that articulate the nuances and complete the narrative. From watches to wallets, the devil is in the detail, and these final flourishes often make the most lasting impressions. Whether you're dressing for a critical business meeting or a casual brunch, it's these essential extras that can elevate your look from merely presentable to genuinely memorable.

The Timeless Pocket Square 

A pocket square is the sartorial equivalent of an artist's final brushstroke, that last dab of colour that brings the entire picture to life. Far from being an afterthought, this small piece of fabric nestled in your jacket pocket is a conscious fashion choice. Whether you opt for the classic Presidential fold or something more flamboyant like the Puff, your pocket square introduces an additional layer of colour, texture, and personality to your suit. Consider contrasting the pocket square with your tie for a modern, dynamic look.

- Hockerty
- Hockerty

The Quintessential Cufflinks 

These tiny pieces of jewellery are more than decorative buttons; they are the mark of a man who pays attention to detail. Cufflinks don't just serve a functional role, sealing the cuffs of your shirt. They are subtle indicators of your aesthetic taste and social acumen. While there's a cufflink for every occasion, the key to wearing them well is to harmonise them with the other metals in your outfit—your belt buckle, watch, and even the frame of your eyewear. 

The Versatile Scarf 

Do not mistake the scarf as just a tool for keeping warm in colder months. This versatile piece is a style staple that can serve you all year round. A strategically chosen scarf can add a touch of sophistication or a pop of colour to an otherwise monochrome ensemble. Lighter fabrics like cotton or silk can make a spring or summer outfit bloom, while wool or cashmere becomes a cosy yet stylish statement in colder weather. The type, colour, and texture of the scarf can bring coherence to your outfit and transform it from basic to brilliant.

- Barbour
- Barbour

The Understated Belt 

The belt has come a long way from being a mere functional item used for holding up trousers. Today, it serves as a line that divides your outfit, drawing the eye and providing balance. Classic leather is the material of choice, versatile enough to go with virtually any look while exuding a sense of timeless sophistication. The buckle, often an overlooked aspect of the belt, should not be chosen lightly. It should sync with your other accessories, particularly the metals, to create an overall harmonious look. 

The Artful Tie Pin 

Though sometimes seen as an anachronistic accessory, the tie pin is very much relevant in today's sartorial landscape. It is not just an artefact from a bygone era but a modern statement piece that communicates that you take your style seriously. While it serves the very practical purpose of keeping your tie in place, its aesthetic function is where it shines. Choosing a unique but appropriate tie pin can create a focal point for your outfit, subtly grabbing attention without screaming for it.

- The Tie Bar
- The Tie Bar

The Classic Watch 

While mobile phones have largely taken over the role of time-keeping, a classic wristwatch serves as a statement of style and an indication of refinement. Mechanical or smart, leather or metal, the watch you choose can either serve as the cornerstone of your outfit or as a stand-alone statement of style. Make sure it complements not only your wardrobe but also the occasion. For formal events, a simple, elegant watch is often best, while casual outings may allow for something more eye-catching. 

The Sleek Smartphone 

Though not a traditional accessory, your mobile phone is indeed part of your daily ensemble. A damaged or outdated phone can reflect negatively on you, breaking the sophisticated image you aim to project. To keep it in optimal condition, services like Likewize Repair offer top-tier mobile screen repair. With professionals taking care of your mobile repair, your phone will look as sleek and efficient as you do. Remember, in an era where your phone is almost an extension of yourself, it should complement rather than compromise your style.

- Tudor Watch
- Tudor Watch

The Thoughtful Footwear 

As the saying goes, shoes make the man. Footwear is often the first thing people notice about your outfit, and worn or poorly-matched shoes can be an instant deal-breaker. Whether you're sporting a pair of formal Oxfords or laid-back loafers, ensure they are polished and in good condition. The style, colour, and state of your shoes can either elevate your entire look or bring it crashing down, so give them the attention they deserve. 

The Right Pair of Sunglasses 

Sunglasses have gone from being a simple protective accessory to a cornerstone of modern fashion. They possess the power to entirely shift the tone of an outfit, adding an aura of mystery, gravitas or casual flair. The style you opt for should complement your face shape and, more importantly, your lifestyle. Whether you’re hitting the slopes, the waves, or just the high street, make sure your shades are up to the task aesthetically and functionally.

- Thursday Boot Company
- Thursday Boot Company

The Classic Wallet 

Though we live in an increasingly digital world, the physical wallet still has a place in men's fashion. Slim, stylish, and functional are the operative words here. A bulky wallet can distort the lines of your outfit, not to mention it's cumbersome to carry. Opt for quality materials like leather and designs that meet your needs without excess bulk. Remember, every time you reach for your wallet, it's an opportunity to make a stylistic statement. 

The Modern Bag 

Gone are the days when a bag was merely a practical necessity. Today's bags come in myriad styles and materials, each making a unique statement. Whether it's a sleek leather briefcase for work, a durable backpack for casual days, or a stylish gym bag, your choice speaks volumes about your personal style. Ensure that the bag you carry is not only functional but also complements your outfit. After all, a mismatched bag can upset the visual balance of your look, diluting its overall impact.

- Bennett Winch
- Bennett Winch

The Impeccable Hairstyle 

Your hairstyle is an often-overlooked accessory that can greatly influence the overall tone of your outfit. A well-executed cut and style indicate that you take your appearance seriously, offering an integrated look from top to bottom. A trip to the barber is more than a grooming routine; it's an investment in your personal brand. 

The Statement Socks 

While they may be mostly hidden from view, never underestimate the impact of a great pair of socks. Far from an item to be neglected, socks offer a private kind of flair, a small yet delightful revelation when seated or crossing your legs. Opt for quality materials that provide both comfort and durability, such as merino wool or Pima cotton. If you're wearing a subdued outfit, a pair of colourful or patterned socks can add an unexpected twist, catching the eye and adding a dash of personality. Conversely, a formal look may call for something more traditional, but never skimp on quality.

- London Sock Company
- London Sock Company

The Takeaway 

When it comes to fashion, details are more than mere trifles; they're the elements that inject your personality into an outfit, transforming it into something uniquely yours. Each finishing touch, from the gleam of a cufflink to the scent trail you leave, contributes to the story you tell the world about who you are. It’s these subtle yet crucial elements that complete the picture, making or breaking your day-to-day look. Remember, fashion may be what you buy, but style is what you do with it.

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