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The Best Men’s Chore Jacket Brands

A chore jacket is a type of durable, often utilitarian-style jacket that is typically worn for light to medium-duty work or chores. It is designed to provide functionality, comfort, and protection for people engaged in tasks that may involve light physical labour, such as gardening, carpentry, farming, or other household chores. The design of a chore jacket typically includes features like multiple pockets for storing tools or small items, a button or snap front closure, and a sturdy construction to withstand regular use.

The origin of the chore jacket can be traced back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries when workers needed practical and durable clothing for various manual labour tasks. In rural and agricultural settings, workers needed garments that could withstand the rigors of farm work, gardening, or other chores. These early versions of chore jackets were often made from heavy canvas or denim, providing durability and protection from the elements.

- Uskees
- Uskees

Over time, the design and materials evolved, and the chore jacket became popular not only for practical workwear but also as a versatile and stylish garment for everyday wear. Its functional design and comfort have made it a staple in workwear and fashion, with contemporary versions incorporating various fabrics, colours, and styles while retaining the essential characteristics that define a chore jacket. 

Bill Cunningham, a renowned fashion photographer and journalist, is associated with popularising the chore jacket as a fashion statement. He was known for capturing street style trends in New York City, particularly through his candid photographs featured in The New York Times. Cunningham's influence in the fashion industry helped bring attention to the chore jacket, demonstrating how it could be incorporated into everyday wardrobes and styled in diverse, appealing ways. He showcased how this originally functional and practical workwear garment could become a fashionable choice, influencing the perception and adoption of chore jackets in contemporary fashion.

- Albam
- Albam


This brand makes vintage inspired clothing for the modern-day Pioneer. Timeless garments for the modern man, designed by and for craftspeople, artisan makers and creative pioneers in their chosen fields of endeavour. Garments that are built to stand the test of time, inspired by the past to create powerful ideas for the here and now. 



Albam began in 2006 through a frustration with not being able to find the clothes they wanted to wear; well made, contemporary updates to classic menswear styles, using the best fabrics they could source and putting the attention on the details, fit and fabrics. They were also fed up with the fashion calendar dictating when clothes would be ready, offering wool coats at the height of summer and shorts in January. 




Folk was established is 2001 in London, to create stylish garments designed to be worn every day. Clothes made with people in mind and how they live their lives - colourfully, playfully, industrially. they are dedicated to creating versatile, timeless clothing for all. Simple yet detailed, Refined yet robust. Designed with optimism and rigour. They make useful clothing, priced fairly and manufactured to the highest standards. 



Form&Thread’s drive to do simple things exceptionally well shapes everything they do. They use the finest materials to develop considered menswear essentials that defy seasonal trends and stand the test of time. They partner with factories who reflect their own sensibilities; outstanding quality without compromising their workers. They remove what doesn't add value to a product and invest in what does, creating premium pieces way below traditional high-end prices. 


- Form&Thread
- Form&Thread


Kestin is a Scottish men’s clothing brand founded by Kestin Hare, and based in his hometown of Edinburgh, Scotland. Kestin the brand was created to redefine modern Scottish design by blending innovation with tradition. They weave in references from their heritage and homeland, combining integral details from other areas of inspiration including vintage, workwear, military, sports and outdoor. Their focus is on responsible manufacturing, sourcing the highest-quality fabrics and creating original products that are designed to last. 


Paynter Jacket Co. 

Paynter take iconic jacket styles and re-make them using the best materials that they can find. All of their jackets are made to order, in limited-edition batches, just four times a year. It's their way of making sure they create no waste. Each jacket they make is designed by them in East London before it gets made by a small family run factory in Northern Portugal. Each one is hand numbered in the order it’s sold. Illustrated labels on the inside tell the story of that Batch, plus details that most brands would cut out. 




Uskees design everything at their HQ in Manchester, England. Director Paul regularly visits factories, meeting with every overseas supplier Uskees use. Their lead supplier in India is GOTS certified which means that a product or manufacturer has met strict environmental and social criteria throughout the entire textile supply chain. They never want to see a garment go to landfill, even if there’s something about it that means it doesn’t fit in their main collection. That’s why they sell their samples and faulty items on their Depop store. 


Craig Landale

Previously heading up digital marketing at a large British menswear group, Craig founded Menswear Style 10 years ago. He currently steers the ship and has a keen interest for sustainable brands, product innovation, fashion startups and British manufacturing.

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