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Thailand: A Gateway to Property Investments and Travel Adventures

Buying flats for expats in Thailand is the dream of many. This country attracts many things: climate, pace of life, quality of life, convenience, safety, level of medicine. Which apartment to choose: ready or under construction? The real estate market in Thailand needs to be more saturated; you can find a property to suit every taste and budget. Most foreign buyers prefer apartments to villas and private houses due to the ban on foreign ownership of land. When purchasing an apartment, a foreigner's rights to property do not differ from the rights of residents. However, it is worth remembering that foreigners can own up to 49% of the total area of the house. When purchasing an apartment from a developer, he monitors compliance with the quota, but when purchasing a secondary apartment, it is better to check compliance with the standards yourself. Apartments from developers are divided into ready-made and under construction. Projects under construction can frighten inexperienced investors: after all, an apartment cannot be viewed and assessed in person; you need to trust the developer's plans. There is also always the option of buying a secondary home. Let's look at the pros and cons of each option.

Buying an apartment during construction 

– apartments under construction are cheaper than ready-made ones; 

– developers provide installments for the duration of construction (including for foreign clients); usually, the down payment is 20-30% of the cost; 

– most developers offer several finishing design options; at the construction stage, you can choose the design yourself; 

– a new apartment and house will not require repairs longer; 

– there is a danger that the developer may go bankrupt or the construction may not be completed for other reasons; 

– the finished project may differ from the provided plan.

Purchasing a finished apartment from a developer 

– you can personally visit the apartment and see it before purchasing; 

– a new apartment and house will not require repairs longer; 

– you can get a discount from the developer or installment plans; 

- You cannot choose the design of the apartment yourself. 

Buying a secondary apartment 

– you cannot choose the design of the apartment yourself; most likely, you will need to make repairs;

– you can personally visit the apartment and see it before purchasing; 

– the house itself and communications may be old, repairs and replacement may be required; 

– secondary real estate is cheaper than new; 

– areas with previously built houses have a more developed infrastructure. 

The best attractions in Thailand 

- Chiang Mai This city has become almost like home to me, despite having no sea or beaches. After all, it was Chiang Mai that discovered the real Thailand for me and allowed me to fall in love with this country. I enjoyed walking around Chiang Mai, looking into various temples, and noticing their differences. Although today Chiang Mai has become a rather large city with all the shortcomings and problems of megacities, it is still so great that there are many different natural attractions next to it, such as the highest mountain in Thailand - Doi Intanon or the huge Chiang Dao cave. 

- Bangkok The capital of Thailand, Bangkok, did not captivate me the first time. At first, I didn't like the city of Bangkok because, at first glance, it seemed very noisy and big, even a little dirty (not like in Sri Lanka, of course, but still). But over time, I became imbued with the special atmosphere of Bangkok and fell in love with the capital of Thailand. I especially like the central part of Bangkok in the attraction-rich Rattanakosin district and on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. I advise everyone to take a boat ride on the river and admire the skyscrapers and ancient temples on its banks.


- Phi Phi The Phi Phi Islands are practically paradise on Earth; what can we hide. The tropical islands in the Andaman Sea, the inhabited Phi Phi Don, and several uninhabited islands nearby, with their stunning beaches, remind me very much of the beaches of the Maldives. But to relax on the snow-white sand in Thai paradise, you must choose the right hotel in Phi Phi. It won't be cheap, but it's worth it. Mainly because many people come to Phi Phi every day on excursions from Phuket and Krabi, it is essential to know that on the secluded beaches of the best hotels in Phi Phi, you can calmly relax and rest at sea. 

- Kanchanaburi Kanchanaburi Province is a wild and beautiful reserve in western Thailand. The famous Erawan waterfall and the equally beautiful picturesque Sai Yok waterfall are not the only attractions of Kanchanaburi. Here, you can stay in houses on the River Kwai, wander through the wild jungle, or go to the very border with Myanmar, which is still closed to foreigners, but in Asia, everything is changing quickly. I often dream of returning to Kanchanaburi province to ride a motorcycle again on the roads among its beautiful landscapes and visit its unusual temples.

Assistance in purchasing real estate 

The specialists of the Thailand-Real.Estate aggregator will help you choose the ideal real estate option in Thailand. They will tell you which developers you can trust and which apartment is better. Managers will tell you everything about promotions and advantageous offers, will keep you clear on Thai legislation, and will point out the most beneficial offers. Contact Thailand-Real.Estate today and start searching for your ideal home in Thailand.

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