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10 Ultimate Winter Activities in Canada

You don't have to stay indoors just because it's snowing outside. Whether you're an avid skier, snowboarder, or thrill-seeker, Canada, particularly the Rocky Mountains, offers unparalleled winter experiences you won't discover anywhere else. There are many different winter activities in Canada that you should try when you get an ETA Canada visa. In this article, we'll explore some of the nation's most popular winter activities to help you make the most of the season. So, gather what you need for the best discovery of the vast northern region.

Top 10 Things to Do in Canada in Winter 

Here are some popular wintertime pastimes. 

Skiing and Snowboarding 

There are excellent places to ski and snowboard in Canada. While snowboarding uses a board tied to your feet, skiing uses skis to slide down hills. You may find exciting adventures in both sports. It is simpler to learn to ski, but it takes time to get technical. Mastering the edges is necessary for snowboarding, but once the fundamentals are understood, skill increases quickly. Before you go skiing in Canada, check the visa requirements and initiate the application process well in advance. One helpful resource is Visagov, which provides detailed information to guarantee a smooth entry into the Canadian winter wonderland.

Ice Skating 

Learning to skate on ice is a significant cultural event in Canada. A lot of people say they were proficient at it before they could walk. Skating on frozen lakes is also an amazing experience, with rinks available in most cities. Play pond hockey to get an advantage over your rivals. 

Northern Lights Spectacle 

Enjoy ideal viewing conditions for 240 nights to witness the captivating aurora borealis in Canada's Northwest Territories. Experience snowmobiling and tent camping with one of Yellowknife's unique tours. Whitehorse in the Yukon provides opulent spa packages, and Arctic Range Adventure's tours showcase arctic foxes and musk oxs through wildlife photography. 

Hot Springs 

Warm yourself up in the healing comfort of natural hot springs to escape the cold. Consider unwinding in balmy waters amongst beautiful views of snowfall. Hot spring sites in Canada include the Banff Upper Hot Springs in Alberta, which offers the ideal combination of winter landscape and leisure. 

Building a Snowman 

All ages can enjoy this age-old pastime of building snowmen, which only needs winter clothes, pebbles, and carrots. A large, level region with the ideal consistency of snow should be chosen. For improved adhesion, choose somewhat wetter snow. Dress warmly and get ready for a great challenge. Making the traditional three-ball snowman is a serious workout in rolling and stacking.


What was once a necessary means of transportation has become a distinctive and enjoyable pastime: snowshoeing. To reach the quaint lakeside town of Invermere on Lake Windermere, traverse Rocky Mountain national parks wearing "shoes" that resemble tennis rackets. Enjoying the peaceful beauty of winter is possible even though there is a learning curve that involves some laughing and blunders. Eventually, it becomes second nature. 


Using varied equipment, wintertime enjoyment can be had by tubing, sledding, or tobogganing. Inflatable and round snow tubes offer an exhilarating ride down snow-covered hill. Sleds come in a variety of shapes; for a safe ride, give priority to safety measures. Traditional toboggans can accommodate numerous riders and have a wooden or plastic structure. These enjoyable wintertime activities are perfect for those without any prior expertise in Canada's climate. 

Dog Sledding 

Take advantage of a group of enthusiastic huskies to go out on a truly Canadian experience. With the cool air whipping by and the dogs skimming the snow with ease, dog sledding presents a distinctive viewpoint of the winter scenery. Savour the bond with these amiable and industrious creatures while exploring the immaculate forest. 

Ice Fishing 

Ice fishing in Saskatchewan and Alberta is a great way to enhance your fishing experience. Ask around for recommendations on good locations or winter ice spot fishing shacks. Look for trophy-sized perches, walleyes, and pikes beneath the ice by renting a heated sanctuary for comfort.

Culinary Delights 

Try some hearty Canadian winter cuisine to warm your taste buds. Savour regional specialties that highlight the rich gastronomic diversity of the nation, such as cozy tourtière or savoury poutine. Enjoy the distinct flavours that characterise comfort cuisine from Canada, and winter becomes a sensory pleasure. The winter months in Canada provide a wide range of experiences, from exhilarating treks up snow-covered mountains to tranquil stays in warm lodges. With a wide variety of wintertime activities, the nation extends an invitation for you to enjoy the joys of the season.

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