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The Keys to the Success of German Car Brands

Germany is renowned in the automotive industry for producing some of the most successful vehicles worldwide. This superiority ranges from reliability to innovation and excellent engineering. The reputation of these brands means they are trusted on a global scale. This is especially true when it comes to purchasing pre-owned models: many people choose to buy German cars like used BMW, Mercedes or Audi as they’re seen as dependable and valuable throughout their long lifespan. So what are the keys to the success of German car brands? Discover what sets these companies apart from their competitors, from marketing to manufacturing.

History of Excellence 

German car brands have a history of excellence. It was Karl Benz who invented the first practical automobile in 1886, and ever since the country’s car technology has remained innovative but still useful. In other words, they are focused on making vehicles as operationally sound as possible. This heritage and consistent delivery with exceptional designs make German car brands more trustworthy in the eyes of consumers and support the idea that their vehicles are a solid investment.

- Karl Benz
- Karl Benz

Motorsport Legacy 

German cars also have a legacy of ruling the racetrack in motorsport events. Most recently, Mercedes has been reaping rewards championed by iconic English race car driver Lewis Hamilton. Race car manufacturers travel from across the globe to test their models on the raceway of the Nürburgring motorsport complex in western Germany. This has placed Germany at the fore of Formula 1 and the best place to see the latest racing technology. 

Effective Marketing 

Another reason why German car brands are so successful is their effective marketing strategies. A memorable 20th-century advert by Volkswagen cited their cars as promoting peace in a time when Germany was divided and volatile. The latter half of that century also saw Porche and Mercedes cement themselves as unparalleled luxury car brands with the straplines ‘there is no substitute’ and ‘the best or nothing’. More recently, Audi has been pitching itself as a leader in sustainable car technology. With consumers increasingly concerned with the environment and social responsibility, promoting their commitment to sustainability is sure to keep sales high.

- Lewis Hamilton
- Lewis Hamilton

Global Reach 

Thanks to their heritage, extraordinary designs, motorsport involvement and amazing advertising campaigns, German car brands have developed a global reach. This means that they are not limited to just one economy, bolstering their financial security and profit possibilities. Vehicles are also a major export for Germany, making them a core component of the country’s economy. This means that they are well worthy of funding which in turn ensures enough money for further groundbreaking advancements.

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