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The Role of Photography in Men's Fashion Branding

Men's fashion branding isn't shaped by clothing designers only. Influencers, retailers, tailors, businessmen, editors, actors, musicians, and stylists all play a part in transforming male fashion. Photographers are also indispensable in this process. Their talent for capturing images can redefine how men approach fashion and leave a lasting impact on future trends.

Do Beautiful Photos Really Boost Conversion? 

According to Hubspot's statistics, 65% of marketers say that photos, videos, illustrations, and infographics are a deal-breaker when it comes to telling a brand's story. By assembling high-quality images, you can present the story of your company visually. You can include top-notch model photos, lifestyle shots, and images showcasing your products. When delving into men’s fashion photography, you can play around with colors, props, models, backgrounds, and setups to visually embody the essence of your brand. Learn more about how mens fashion photography can level up your business:

Make sure to start on a positive note

The way your brand is visually presented can immediately set the vibe and attitude for your men's fashion line. 

Boost the visibility of your content

Your social media in the fashion industry will definitely benefit from sharing branded photos, and the same goes for other distribution channels like email and blogs. According to Shopify, posts with visuals usually get 94% more views compared to those without pictures. 

Ensure your product leaves a lasting impression

Photos enhance recall – there are higher chances that people will remember your content when it is spruced up with images. Using unique photographs, you can develop a distinctive visual identity for your company, ultimately boosting brand awareness. 

Demonstrate how your product works in everyday situations

With the help of brand photos, you can showcase your products in real-life scenarios. This is a great technique for motivating potential customers to explore them further or even make a purchase. 

Photographers’ Influence: Examples from History 

If a photographer works at full tilt, you will surely get amazing photos that highlight the advantages of your product. On the contrary, poor-quality images can totally degrade the look of your product. Photographers have proven this more than once.

David Bailey, the British photographer from the 1960s, is best known for his sleek black-and-white photos. His shots, closely framed and well-lit, set the trend for a fashionable vibe loved by stars like Mick Jagger and Michael Caine. Back in 1982, Bruce Weber created an image that literally caused a sensation. He snapped a photo of the Brazilian pole vaulter Tom Hintnaus in the buff, except for his white Calvin Klein briefs. That shot made it into the 'Ten Photographs That Changed America' list. Weber shaped his career by transforming athletes into almost god-like figures, as seen in his gigs with brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, Versace, and numerous campaigns for Ralph Lauren. It's not just about selling clothes for him; it's about selling a lifestyle that everyone desires with the help of male fashion photography. Several decades later, another photographer altered the perception of men. British photographer Jamie Hawkesworth blends documentary and street portraiture in his photos. For Anderson's Loewe collection campaigns, he captured models in jeans by the shore, with their scarves tousled by the wind, and a duo donning knit tunics as they climbed a rocky surface. 

How to Create Memorable Photos for Your Brand 

Being a good photographer alone won't suffice when it comes to producing shots that draw in new clients. You also need a top-notch camera for fashion photography, like the Canon 5D Mark IV or Nikon D7100, along with prime or zoom lenses and lighting gear for studio shoots. Plus, it is paramount to come up with a carefully crafted brand story, describing what makes your product stand out and how your company evolved.

Put together a mood board

First off, arrange your brand's current assets, such as logos and graphics. Next, decide on a theme and color scheme for your brand photoshoot. After that, go online and look for images that are in line with your ideas. Print them out and add them to the board. 

Create a list of photos

This list gives you a broad idea of the pictures you aim to snap during a photoshoot. It may cover product shots, shots with people, and specific style preferences like framing or depth of field. For instance, you may write down that you need five headshots of men, focused from the shoulders up, four pictures displaying your clothes in a home setting, and three pictures featuring your clothes in an office environment. 

Hire a photographer

Take a look at the portfolios and references of freelance photographers whose past work matches the vibe you're aiming for. Some specialists may offer a branding kit that includes usual types of images associated with brand photography. It could be a good idea to schedule a call to ensure the photographer gets what you're envisioning and understands your brand story before committing to a partnership. 

Focus on a model

You can spice up a rather drab brand story by featuring models with unique and offbeat appearances. Embracing diversity and being inclusive of all ages, races, and body shapes is a boon for both fashion designers and photographers. Tattoos, vibrant rainbow hair, a bold shaved head, a distinctive skin condition, ear tunnels, or thick glasses – such distinctive features in your model's look could really strike a chord with a wide range of prospects.

Remember accessories and props

Similar to female photo sessions, male fashion photography can also benefit from using various accessories and props. You can easily jazz up a dull classic shirt by tossing in a big wooden bracelet and rolling up the sleeves. How about using a hand-painted silky scarf as a belt for a pair of ripped jeans? Besides, jeans make a powerful style statement. Moreover, you can place a tennis racket and sneakers next to a classic little black dress to grab everyone's attention! 

Always edit your photos

Once a photoshoot is over, dedicate some time to improving your photos. Use reliable software like Photoshop and Lightroom, and explore photo editing services for pro photographers. The retouchers at FixThePhoto can improve every detail in your photo, from the model's skin to the folds in the clothing. You can try out their services for free using the mobile app Fix The Photo Editor & Retouch, available on iOS or Android

Conclusion: Should I Invest in Brand Photography?

The price for brand photography services in your men's fashion business can fluctuate based on factors like the quantity and style of photos required as well as your location. For a small business, the expense may be under $2,000 for headshots, whereas bigger companies can shell out over $25,000 for a shoot involving multiple setups, models, and pro-grade lighting. Is brand development worth such expenses? ABSOLUTELY! After all, mens fashion photography has a great impact on your sales and can affect the perception of your brand online.

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