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Unveiling the World of Watch Boxes and Winders

As a watch enthusiast, you must know how important it is to care for your timepiece. One of the best accessories that will help you conveniently do so is a watch winder or a watch box. This is a device that keeps your automatic watch running, especially when you are not wearing it. It continually simulates your wrist motion, thus ensuring that your watch stays accurate and in the best condition, even in inactivity. So, how can you take care of the accessory that maintains your premium timepiece? Read on to find out!

Quick Maintenance Tips for Your Watch Boxes and Winders 

1. Keep it Clean 

Keeping things clean is the easiest way to maintain them. You can clean your watch box or winder by simply emptying it and wiping it down with a cloth. If the material is smooth and made from wood, plastic, or metal, you can wipe it down with wet cleaners. On the other hand, if the material is soft fabric, ensure you dust it with a fine brush to remove any dirt speckles or debris.

2. Ensure it is Wound 

Most watches stop when you do not wear them for a long time. If you cannot wear your watches every day, your watch winder will help you optimise it. Like the watch needs to stay wound, you must also ensure that the winder or box is well wound. If you use your watch winder and notice that the watch doesn't keep an accurate time over 12 hours, you need to have it wound. 

3. Lubricate it Regularly 

While most watch winders do not require it, some will need you to lubricate the moving parts. You must check the manufacturer's instructions before doing so. It will guide you on the ideal lubrication to use and how to do so. If you are unsure about how to approach the lubrication, get in touch with a professional or a servicing expert for your timepiece brand. 

4. Prevent Water Damage 

Electronics and water have always been a terrible idea. For this reason, your first response should be to get a waterproof watch, watch winder, and box. If it says that it is water-resistant, you need to avoid having it close to water as much as you can. This is because even the smallest amounts of moisture can harm its effectiveness.

5. Always Connect to a Stable Power Source 

For ultimate effectiveness, you need to have your watch winder connected to a stable power source. Watch winders come in two types of power: battery or plugging into a power outline. If it is a plug-in option, having an unstable supply of power or malfunctions with the voltage affects its performance. Once you remove your watch from the winder, switch it off to stop the spinning. Additionally, ensure that the winder's motor is well shielded to prevent magnetisation of your watch. The magnetisation may cause it to lose or gain time erratically. 

6. Service Your Winders and Boxes Regularly 

After every six months (or a year at most), it is advisable that you have it checked and serviced by a professional. You can do this at a jeweller's or to the authorised watch brand dealer. This will help you catch problems early on and have them repaired if need be. Some of the issues you need to check out for are parts touching each other, noise, or errors in winding. Excessive noise indicates an issue with the motor or gears while winding issues will result in time errors. 

7. Store Your Watch Winders Correctly 

Most watch winders from le-remontoir-montre.com come with protective cases (boxes). The boxes are designed to protect the winders and your watch from scratches and damage. If your winder didn't come with a box, you can always get a high-quality box to match its elegance. It all comes down to providing physical safety for your winders and watches.


And there you have it! As you can see, watch winders play a vital role in keeping your watch optimised at all times. Besides keeping your watches ticking, it also preserves the longevity of the timepieces so that you can enjoy them for longer. Even better, they are a perfect way to display your exquisite watch collection. All of the above makes it crucial for you to take care of and maintain the winders. Take care of them so they can take care of your watches!

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