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In Conversation with Jennifer Brown of pampeano

Inspired by South America's rich heritage of unrivalled horsemanship and traditional leather work, pampeano evolved from the polo fields of central Argentina. pampeano remains one of the few brands with quality and craftsmanship at its heart. Continuing the cherished techniques of the South American artisans, pampeano uses only premium-grade, butter-soft, vegetable tanned leather and the finest, luxury natural textiles and threads available. Their craft is incorporated into pampeano's iconic pampa diamonds; shapes inspired by the peaks and silhouettes of the Andes Mountains and the extraordinary landscapes that surround them. The brand has taken this unique traditional styling and made it available to the world, with over 300 loyal stockists worldwide, all without compromising the quality they are renown for.

pampeano’s master artisans hand craft is incorporated into each product, hand-woven with the finest wax-dipped saddlery threads available, in a meticulous, painstaking practise which has been passed down within families for generations and takes up to five hours per piece. It is then vegetable-tanned and tumbled in a lengthy and traditional process passed down through generations using natural dyes which creates exquisite, butter-soft results in the luxurious leather which last for many years to come.

“My friends pushed me into starting the business after many years of telling them my brand idea. I had no clue of how retail worked but I quickly learnt. My focus at the beginning was mainly travel bags which was an expensive mistake because we were an unknown brand, and they were highly priced due to the quality of the product. I first had to build the brand, customer service and get the name out there with a product that had a lower price point.” 

This is a shortened transcribed edit of episode 214 of the MenswearStyle Podcast with Jennifer Brown, Founder of Argentine handmade belts pampeano.com. You can listen to the full version on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your favourite podcast player.

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