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Tips on Choosing the Best Wedding Venue in London

Having the best day in London is a dream that comes true for many couples. From charming city halls to intimate restaurants, there are so many options when it comes to choosing the right wedding venue. Things get even better when a dedicated wedding chauffeur service enters the plan, as the couple can extend the venue search and find perfect places near London, considering the distance as a main factor in their decision. Still, there are a few practical tips to follow:

Keep the Budget in Mind 

As a couple, you must be realistic about what you can afford. Maybe an exclusive venue in London's center sounds excellent, but consider your budget when making the decision. Sometimes, it's better to find a more affordable venue so you can spend more on food, drinks, transportation, and decor.

Consider the Guest List 

Some venues are quite limited when it comes to accommodating plenty of guests. So, when negotiating, always keep the number of guests in mind. If the space looks too small, then it probably is. Remember, it's not enough just to have a place to sit, as guests will dance to celebrate your love and marriage.

What Kind of Vibe You Want 

London's venues are more formal and official. But if you look at locations close to London, you'll find exceptionally relaxed venues, and even choose if you want an indoor or outdoor wedding. Additionally, considering the wedding chauffeur hire option, you can choose some rustic countryside venue and still be comfortable with your decision. 

Choose the Location Wisely 

It's not enough just to like the venue and decide it's the best option out there. London is a big city, so you'll need to think about where you want your wedding to take place. In general, choose a location that is easily accessible for the guests so they won't have to deal with additional expenses. Also, ensure there are enough parking spots for those with cars. Check if there are hotels nearby, especially if you plan on choosing a remote location. The venue must match the couple's expectations, but it shouldn't be a challenge for the guests - so find the right balance before booking the dream location.

Pick the Right Season 

While the weather in London can be pretty unpredictable, you can consider the season as a factor when choosing your perfect venue. The time of year will affect your choice of venue. If you're having a summer wedding, you'll want a venue with outdoor space. If you're having a winter wedding, you'll need a venue that can accommodate a larger crowd indoors. Don't plan outdoor weddings in the rainy season, or at least choose a venue that can move the wedding inside if some climate change happens suddenly. 

Visit the Venue in Person 

Photos sometimes look much better than the actual venue. With right angles, professional photographers can make a venue look great, but the real situation is not to match the photos. So, never rely on what you see on social media and websites. Get there in person so you can get a realistic image of the available space. That way, you'll be sure it will accommodate your vision for the perfect wedding day. 

Ask About What's Included in the Offer 

Some venues offer just the space with tables and chairs, with no food and drinks included. Others have a complete offer with catering and an open bar for the guests. Sometimes, the same venue can be cheaper if you only use the space and take care of the food yourself. Explore all the possible options, and surely choose according to your preferences. It's important to be informed about what's included, because sometimes only the venue is offered, with no options for food and drinks.

Read and Compare Reviews 

Some venues may look perfect on paper, but the reality is much different. That's why we encourage you to search for the specific venue and check for reviews and ratings. That way, you'll get valuable insight into what's really happening during a wedding there. As a result, you're capable of making a better decision, considering all the important factors when choosing the venue. 

Add a Dash of Exclusivity to Your Wedding 

It's not enough just to choose the venue and consider the wedding set. You have plenty of details to take care of, including the food, music, wedding chauffeur in London hires, the clothes, decor, etc. Ensure you're comfortable with your choice, but never forget the guests' comfort, too, as they're the ones that make your day special! 


Use the tips we shared to choose the perfect venue for your wedding. Don't be afraid to negotiate the conditions so you can get the best deal possible. And surely, take your time to prepare, and have the best day ever! That's even more important compared to venue's location and capacity.

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