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Top 3 Suiting Choices for the Summer Season

As the summer months approach, the need for a lightweight stylish suiting go-to that works for any occasion is high on the agenda. From the short business trip, summer wedding or city meeting for work or with friends, the lure of a cool, breathable two-piece, is not one to be ignored. Fabrics including lightweight cotton tech materials as well as linen and seersucker are savvy choices to maintain a comfortable aesthetic on the go. Flexible pieces that can be worn with more formal shirting, or alternatively a T-shirt and with either shoes or sneakers keep packing to a minimum and a guarantee of looking good pretty much confirmed. Here are our top three suiting choices for the summer season:


The Madrid-based brand ran by founder Rafa Gomez and his four siblings is all about tech-inspired casual pieces. Championing the smart-casual, unfeigned’s technical travel suiting provides an independent coolness that puts a real stamp of authority on the brand’s identity. Presented across loose fitting technical and smart pants, through to the technical blazer and smart jacket, these easy-to-wear pieces provide the perfect go to option, whether looking for a smart alternative for a work meeting or simply having dinner and drinks in the city with friends. The suiting range is also ideal for that work trip overseas as it’s easy to pack, keeps shape and takes up very little room. Available across colour-ways including grey, stone, khaki and navy.

- Unfeigned
- Unfeigned

Luca Faloni 

For perhaps a more formal or refined offer, Luca Faloni’s linen suiting allow for an elevated, luxury look without having to pay the price by overheating. Expertly crafted in Northern Italy from an exclusive pure linen cloth combining an innovative natural stretch for breathability with exquisite craftsmanship detailing, Luca Faloni suiting offers its wearers a premium timeless silhouette to transcend the seasons. Available in new Hazelnut and Azure colour ways as well as, Olive and navy.

- Luca Faloni
- Luca Faloni

Universal Works 

The leading UK workwear brand never fails to deliver across the seasons and has a growing consumer base that opts for their loose fitting, effortlessly cool two-piece options for business, pleasure…. even weddings! This season Universal Works presents suiting options, including the all-new Manor Jacket in navy summer canvas with hi water trouser and the Capitol jacket in olive recycled poly-tech with the loose cargo pant. Plenty of choice and no rules around mixing and matching of course!

- Universal Works
- Universal Works

In the sizzling heat of the approaching summer months, the quest for a suiting solution that seamlessly merges style with comfort becomes paramount. From fleeting business ventures to joyous summer nuptials or cosmopolitan gatherings with peers, the allure of a lightweight, breathable ensemble cannot be overstated. Whether opting for the independent coolness of Unfeigned, the refined elegance of Luca Faloni, or the versatile offerings of Universal Works, one thing remains certain: a well-suited summer awaits, where style and comfort intertwine effortlessly.

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