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How SafeOpt Streamlines Time and Money Savings for Men

No one likes losing money or time, and SafeOpt is here to help with that. Thousands of brands, from clothing to electronics to food to home goods and so much more, all getting discounts, all offers sent to you, and if that does not sound convincing enough already, the whole thing is absolutely free of charge. Well, what is it? It is called SafeOpt, a free service that sends you verified offers from literally thousands of different brands, helping you save money and time, working with all kinds of online stores while making sure to protect your data the whole time, giving you control over your own information, so there are no reasons not to get it. If you are still not completely convinced, well, read on and maybe you shall change your mind.

How does it Work? 

The first question you probably have is how SafeOpt even works. Well, first of all, if you want to sign up for SafeOpt by AddShoppers, you are going to head to their website and enter your email, just like you would for any other service. Then, their technology notes what device you are using, be it a smartphone, laptop, tablet, and so on, and generates an anonymous secured ID just for you, so when one of their brand partners, who also has their technology installed on SafeOpt, sees your used device, they can show your personal ID offers and promotions that are generally not even available to the broader public. You no longer have to go on the hunt for promo codes that are expired anyway, trying to get a new razor that is just outside your comfort zone when it comes to the price. Instead, you get a smooth shopping experience where all the offers are delivered directly to you.

Data Privacy 

With so many participating brands, a valid concern you may have is data privacy, whether SafeOpt shares your email address or other personal data with its huge network of brands. Well, you have nothing to worry about, as the highest standards of privacy are the priority, and when you receive emails from this service, they are sent directly from SafeOpt, with offers, promotions, and discounts from many premium brands, based on and built with your shopping history and interests in mind, personalized for you. SafeOpt ensures that your email address and any other confidential data remain safe and secure inside their system, undisclosed to any third parties. 

No Installations 

Most of us really dislike having dozens of extensions and apps installed onto our browsers; other than ad blockers, we prefer keeping everything fast, snappy, and clean of bloat. What about SafeOpt? Do you really want to install it, head to ten different links, wait for it to download, and so on and so forth? No? You are in luck because there is absolutely no need to do so anyway. SafeOpt does not have any browser plugins or apps that need to be installed, all you have to do is enter your email, click a few buttons, and continue shopping online as you normally do. It literally does not get any easier or more convenient than that. This will be especially advantageous if you are on a gaming laptop or PC where browsers already eat a lot of performance, and a bunch of extensions and bells and whistles do not exactly help speed up your PC either. 


SafeOpt is not only a fantastic opportunity for the consumer but also for the perhaps not-so-large business enterprise. Many e-commerce companies have also come on board and are very satisfied with the developments. SafeOpts retargeting solutions are designed to help businesses reach more people, get more attention, and generate more revenue for users who visited a particular product or the website of a brand but left again without buying anything or leaving their email. SafeOpt sees what they have been interested in and sends them any offers or the like the brand has, bringing them back to the website once they want to make a purchase. Everyone is a winner, and high-level service and support are always the priority.

Online Shopping 

SafeOpt is obviously for online shopping, and for most men, that is already an incredible convenience, as most really dislike having to physically go shopping and walk from store to store, browsing the shelves and hangers and whatnot. Online shopping was almost a blessing for many, many men, who no longer had to spend hours wandering around like lost souls, but could quickly click from tab to tab, select what they liked, and purchase it, all from the comfort of their chair or couch. Now, of course, with clothes, it is a bit tricky as it is best to try clothes on first before buying them, to see if the size fits, or whether the cut looks good and so on, but even for that, there are solutions nowadays. Being able to buy pretty much anything you want all from your device is a luxury of the modern world, and SafeOpt only enhances that ease and comfort by directly sending you offers, sales, and promotions without you having to do anything, except shop like you normally would. You can even get notified of products that are not completely available yet, making you an “early-access” tester if you will. 


Not only does SafeOpt help you get things you already wanted and that is it, but it also tracks and takes note of what you have already shopped for or what you are interested in and then sends you products or brands that you may not even know exist, and yet be the perfect thing for you, opening a huge range of brands for you to discover for yourself. 

If you spend any amount of time shopping online, then SafeOpt is for you, helping you save time and money while also discovering new brands and products that were found with you in mind. All this is done without revealing your sensitive data or needing to install any browser extensions or the like.

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