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3 Tips for Men to Elevate Their Living Space

As more men take an interest in home decor and interior design, the need for tricks and tips to elevate their living space is increasingly important. A well-curated living space reflects a person’s personal taste and style and creates a functional, comfortable, and welcoming environment for residents and guests. Enhancing a living space and turning it into a functional and stylish oasis involves everything from incorporating the ideal color palette to choosing the right furniture. Whether you share a space with roommates or are a bachelor living alone, these tips help create a living space that is practical for everyday living and aesthetically pleasing.

1. Choose the Right Furniture 

Choosing the right furniture when decorating a small living space is crucial in making the room feel more spacious and maximizing floor space. Opt for leggy and sleek pieces, such as a coffee table with a table lamp or sectional sofa to keep the space open. Consider incorporating ornate wallpaper to add an accent to the wall space or a rug. Create a gallery wall with your favorite pieces of art. Try a built-in credenza or geometric shelving along one side of a room to make a tiny space feel larger. These decor items decorate a small living area and make the room look more spacious without taking up too much square footage. Having a studio or tiny apartment means being strategic in design. Consider a neutral space color to make the space look airy. Incorporating an accent wall with shiplap or a fireplace adds depth to a room and makes the space feel cozy. Scones or a floor lamp help illuminate the space without taking up floor space. Adding a dining or side table creates a functional space without overwhelming the room. Choosing the right decor pieces and furniture makes a room feel more inviting and spacious in a small-space environment.

2. Think About Lighting 

When designing a small space, such as a one-room apartment or a cozy living room, it is important to think about lighting. One way to create an airier and more open feel and add light is to reflect light with floor-to-ceiling glass doors. This simple design, favored by designers. such as Beata Heuman and Emily Henderson, make a small space feel larger and more luxurious. Another way to add light to a family room or small apartment is to strategically place side tables and throw pillows that reflect light and keep it simple. It makes the room feel less visually weighty and cluttered. 

3. Experiment with Color and Texture 

It is challenging to incorporate texture and color without making a room feel short on space. One design trick is to double up on functionality with pillows having interesting texture and can be used as extra seating on a side table. Incorporating reflective materials, such as paint colors, helps reflect light in a small space and create the illusion of a larger room. When working with a small space, it is important to get creative with design choices. Consider throw pillows to add texture and a pop of color. Luxury fabrics, such as silk or velvet on upholstery or throw pillows add style and function to a room. Adding a side table with hidden storage doubles as a functional piece of furniture and adds visual interest.

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