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YR Store Live in Print

I don’t know how you feel about printed T-Shirts but I love them. A bespoke one is even better and even more so when you can design every aspect yourself. 

It is pretty cold at the moment, but that doesn’t stop me from finding the best on the high-street to team with the season’s new cover-ups. 

Some of you may have spied the YR store in Box Park, Shoreditch. I was intrigued and captivated but I always seemed to walk past on my lunch break and there was never enough time. As they say ‘Patience is a Virtue’ and it seems like the good people at YR are in my head and have introduced two new concessions in Topman and Liberty

YR (pronounced Your) is the brainchild of interactive digital specialists Luma, whose work includes cutting-edge digital store and event concepts for the likes of Nike, MTV and New Era. 

YR create live garment print installations which feature interactive touch-pods, and the world’s only live all-over digital printing process, offering designers and the general public the opportunity to create one-off patterns and prints and produce their work onto high-quality garments to take away within minutes.


The new YRTOPMAN collection includes basketball sweats featuring all-over print mesh panels, alongside crew necks and iPhone cases which will be available exclusively in their flagship store, whist YRTOPMAN’s cutting edge ‘tee-tiler’ (the YRSTORE patented design touchscreens) unleashes all new trend-lead print archives featuring festive patterns, knitwear filters and iconic characters. Price: £28 for print on one side £30 for all-over print.  

Speaking on the live process at YRTOPMAN, YRSTORE's Tim Williams said: “We’re continually inspired by the potential of print and the launch YRTOPMAN’s new collection allows the customers to bring their own style and personalise a new range of stylish garments and bespoke gifts. Right now we use a live dye sublimation process where we print designs using special ink, this gets heat pressed at 180 degrees and after just 1 minute the ink vaporises into a gas and is absorbed into the garment giving a very long lasting, non-fading colour depth, deep into the fabric.”

“We’re continually inspired by the potential of print"
“We’re continually inspired by the potential of print"


YR joined forces with Liberty in October to take part in a 'Get Creative' event, providing customers with the unique opportunity to design and create their own garments, at the YR Liberty area on the 1st Floor until the end of December. Price: £60 for print on one side, £75 for all-over print.  

YR Director Tim Williams added, "We believe the future of fashion is in carefully curated live garment creation, we work with the most desirable artwork archives, designs and garments to create truly unique fashion that, whilst individual, is always recognisably YR. The latest additions to the YR print range include the 'YR Holiday Pack' that's been created just in time for Christmas." 

I have already popped into Topman and bought myself an all over print and will be popping into Liberty before the end of the month to get my hands on an exclusive Liberty Print too. 

So if you need a New Year's Style Resolution gift, why not pop down to the flagship Topman store in London or Liberty. The process taking less that 10 minutes, you would be crazy not to!

"The future of fashion is in carefully curated live garment creation"
"The future of fashion is in carefully curated live garment creation"
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