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Pocket Sized and Powerful

If, like me, you can’t travel anywhere without at least one device that can hold most of (if not all) your music, then you’ll have no doubt been through a similar rigmarole of finding a reliable, loud, and most importantly, quality, portable speaker. 

 Well gents, I think I’ve found the one for me. And you. And your wife/girlfriend/mother/father/boss/postman (delete as appropriate, and look no further).

I often found that portable speakers of optimum size and weight compromised when it came to sound quality. Until I got hold of a Mini Jambox. 

The Mini Jambox by Jawbone ticks all the necessary boxes. Small and lightweight enough to put straight into your hand luggage without worrying about exceeding weight limits at the airport. Loud enough to fill a room, without compromising sound quality. 

As for playing the music, the Mini Jambox is fully Bluetooth enabled and connects at the press of a button, and the download of a (free) app, if being used alongside your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Android Phone.

"Loud enough to fill a room"
"Loud enough to fill a room"

Of course, listening to music isn’t the only use. It’s more than capable of bringing your favourite movies to life. In my experience the majority of the types of devices comparable with the Mini Jambox are yet to achieve top sound quality. 

Available in a range of colours and styles, retailing at £149.99, choose the right one for you, here

Added extras - the Mini Jambox doubles as a fully functioning speakerphone when connected to your mobile via Bluetooth. So for you iPhone/iPad users, this means you can operate Siri through this device too!

"Bringing your favourite movies to life"
"Bringing your favourite movies to life"
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