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New Year’s Hair Resolutions

It’s that time of year again when everyone makes New Year resolutions that they don’t keep, so why not try to make some that are easy to keep and good for you? A win, win situation! 

Breaking bad habits with your hair is hard to do, but with this guide we put together with help from our friends over at The Salon Look, it’s your chance to turn good intentions into great results and avoid hair freak-out for a whole year. 

January - I will detox 

You need to cleanse your scalp from product residue build up over the last few weeks, months or even years. Shampoo your hair twice to get rid of the build up. The first shampoo won't lather as it's removing product build up, the second will lather and be able to do its job.

February - I will be more organised 

Promise yourself that you will book your next hair appointment before you leave the salon to keep to the 6-8 week cycle. A lot of us don’t trim our hair regularly enough. 

March - I will not use heat appliances 

Heat can damage your hair and seriously dry it out. This month protect your hair with heat-protected products and give your hair some time off heat! Your hair will thank you for it. 

April - I will try a new product 

A lot of us stick to products that we have used before and like best, if you always use gel, try using wax to style your hair or vice versa. See how you hair responds to different products. 

May - I will thicken my hair 

A lot of us men worry about losing our hair (if we still have some left!) so this month try using a thickening lotion or shampoo and conditioner.

Murdock London Hair Products
Murdock London Hair Products

June - I will be strong 

Protect and re-strengthen your hair. Give it a dose of what it needs, exactly when it needs it. Use vitamin rich products, which are gentle enough to be used each time you wash your hair. 

July - I will show my personality 

Try showing your personality through your hair. Are you a bubbly, happy guy? If so, use a volumised wax or gel to create more bounce. Are you serious and more reserved? Flatten your hair with gel and have a side parting. Try out different looks and see what best reflects who you are. 

August - I will experiment with colour 

Got grey hairs or just sick of your natural colour? Try a different or whole new shade this month, after all, its only hair! 

September - I will not use any products 

This month try to not use any products on your hair! Not using styling products like gel or wax can be really difficult but give your hair a break and let it gain strength. 

October - I will try something new 

Be more adventurous and work alongside your Stylist to create a new look! You only live once. 

November - I will not shave 

It’s the month of Movember when men everywhere grow moustaches to raise money and awareness for Prostate Cancer. Join the club and get sponsored and don’t shave your Mo for the whole month! It is for a good cause after all... 

December - Kept this up?

If so, promise to look after your hair in the future, especially after all of this hard work!

Backstage at YMC for LC:M 2014
Backstage at YMC for LC:M 2014
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