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Probably the Last Umbrella You’ll Ever Need

Davek (pronounced dah-vek) specialises in the design and manufacture of the world’s strongest and most beautiful folded umbrellas for men and women – designed to last a lifetime. 

Here we present the company’s latest collection of high-end, uniquely strong umbrellas designed to withstand the most brutal of weather conditions. Their best selling compact model, the Davek Solo is ideal for individual use and strength is the umbrella’s key attribute and selling point. It has the perfect combination of durability, ease and metropolitan style. 

Sleek yet unpretentious in design, the handle is accentuated with a genuine leather hand strap, attached to elegant black leather and zinc alloy hardware. Additionally, there is a polished silver clip to attach to your belt or hold in place within a bag.

One of the best features of all - the umbrella comes with its own unconditional lifetime guarantee: if the umbrella should fail to function perfectly for any reason whatsoever, the company will gladly repair or replace it for free. 

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a Loss Protection card, where if the umbrella is lost or stolen, you can order a replacement umbrella at a discounted price. 

“Most other umbrellas are disposable. Our umbrellas are designed to last through the years — one whose construction and image upscale buyers can be proud of and represents their lifestyle,” says David Kahng, mechanical engineer and CEO of Davek.

"The umbrella comes with its own unconditional lifetime guarantee"
"The umbrella comes with its own unconditional lifetime guarantee"

Davek’s unique Carbon WindFibre FrameTM System (this means strong) is reinforced with flexible carbon polymer ligaments (this means flexible) to prevent breakage or rib distortion in strong winds. 

The canopy is constructed from a superior-quality microweave fabric to offer maximum protection from the elements. An extremely strong, 100% solid steel shaft gives the umbrella unsurpassed stability. 

One of the best “oooOOOOooooo” features has to go to the button which opens and closes it. Push to automatically open, push to automatically close. If the umbrella ever inverts, just press the button and the ribs will automatically correct themselves to closed position. Nice!

"Our umbrellas are designed to last through the years"
"Our umbrellas are designed to last through the years"
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