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How to Choose Flattering Spectacles

Have you ever seen a pair of glasses that looked stunning on a model or in a glass case but terribly unflattering on you? 

The truth is that not all frames suit all face shapes. Investing in a good quality pair of specs that flatter your features is ten times better than just buying the latest flamboyant style that you think might look good on you. 

Try to limit yourself to one or two pairs that can really add something to your look, rather than experimenting with different colours, shapes and styles. 

To help you with choosing your everyday specs, we comprised some important rules to consider when trying frames on.

1. The frames must contrast the shape of your face. If your face is round, you will look best with square angled frames. Alternatively, if you have angular features or a strong jaw line, you need to try on pairs with softer, curvy shapes. Everything is about creating a visual balance, complementing whatever is aesthetically missing. 

2. The colour must complement your features. For the general rule, black rims go well with pale skin and dark hair, while tortoise shell and brown shades suit people with warmer hair colours like blonde and light brown. It also depends on how much of a statement you want to make. Bright colours generally stand out on any type of complexion, but you need to make sure you have the right personality to accompany it.

"The frames must contrast the shape of your face"
"The frames must contrast the shape of your face"

3. The size needs to be in proportion with the rest of your face. Nowadays frames come in a different array of sizes and shapes, so make sure you measure up your face well, paying special attention to the distance between your eyes. Similarly, take care that the lenses are well proportioned too, but don't use your sunglasses as a tally, since they are designed to have greater visual coverage. 

4. The shape of your face dictates which frames look best. Square faces are characterised by a prominent forehead, a strong jaw line and an angular chin. Since the length and the width of the face is about equal, you need to make it look longer with oval, soft lines or even minimal frames. Avoid rectangular or small frames that only emphasise the width of your cheekbones. Famous square faces include Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt.

"The shape of your face dictates which frames look best"
"The shape of your face dictates which frames look best"

Round faces are also equal in width and length, but with softer edges and often delicate facial features. This shape best suits rectangular and angular glasses that add length and make the eyes look farther apart. Make sure you avoid round or square frames as these will only accentuate the roundness of your cheeks. Famous round faces include Jack Black and Leonardo Dicaprio.   

If you have an oval face you can consider yourself lucky. With balanced proportions overall, oval faces are the most common and versatile out of all shapes. They suit all types of frames, so you can choose the style you feel most comfortable with. Tip: Specs that are thicker or darker at the top or the bottom accentuate your features particularly well. Famous oval faces include Adam Levine and Ryan Gosling.

"The colour must complement your features"
"The colour must complement your features"
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