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Faux Fur

Faux fur - not something you immediately associate with being on the backs of the male species. For years now, women have realised the merit of faux fur in the winter time to keep them warm and to add that little bit of texture and interest to a drab winter outfit. 

However, now it is the man's turn and faux fur in menswear is cropping up all over the place. With menswear increasingly pushing the boundaries and allowing for more extravagance in fashion, it is no wonder this trend is taking over. 

Whether you go all out in a full fur coat, or just add a subtle nod to the trend in the form of gloves or a collar, faux fur is the material of the moment.

If you have the confidence to pull off a full faux fur jacket then good on you, you certainly will get noticed! Alternatively, for a more cautious approach, try a trench coat or overcoat with a fur collar or fur lining, or a pair of leather gloves with a fur trim. 

Now that you've decided what level of faux fur you are going for, here are a couple of tips to make sure you wear it right. Firstly, don't go overboard! Only one item of fur should be worn at any one time. Trying to rock your fur coat with fur lined boots will just make you look like a urban yeti. 

Pick one piece and make a statement with it, don't try to match your accessories together. Secondly, go for natural, dark coloured fur.

"Pick one piece and make a statement with it"
"Pick one piece and make a statement with it"

Black or dark brown are the best options and will add a sense of luxury to your outfit. A cheap looking light coloured faux fur will just look tacky and like you've stuck a rat around your neck. 

Also, avoid coloured fur at all costs. Finally, if you are going for a statement piece, wear your fur with pride, if you feel uncomfortable, you will look uncomfortable. 

Overall, whether you love it or hate it, faux fur is a trend not just for the ladies this season and is sure to get you some style points (and warmth points) in the current wintry weather.

"Wear your faux fur with pride"
"Wear your faux fur with pride"
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