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Discover Mensphere

More products than ever are now being marketed to men, even though grooming still remains a very private affair that some men avoid openly talking about. 

A very large proportion of the men who buy products to maintain their skin or hair would rather do so from home rather than be seen shopping for skincare in a physical store. 

This is where Mensphere comes in - priding itself in the strict process of selection of brands and products that it sells, Mensphere is a fine purveyor of men’s accessories and skincare of the highest quality.

When shopping at Mensphere there is no need to compare prices and read countless reviews online, as the products are carefully hand-picked by the staff from the pool of care products available on the market. 

Due to this they avoid the general mistake that other providers make by trying to include as many products as possible and spreading themselves too thin. 

The concept behind Mensphere is different, as it goes beyond these business models by focusing on customers and their individual experience of grooming. 

“The first test for us is by asking ourselves whether we would use the product, as we're not in the business of convincing people to buy things that we wouldn't be happy to buy ourselves.” says Anton Webb, one of the co-founders.

"The concept behind Mensphere is different"
"The concept behind Mensphere is different"

Moreover, apart from the carefully curated brands across the various categories, Mensphere also has its very own in-house product development and design team. Using the experiences and insights gained within the industry, the label launched its very own 'By Mensphere' range of products. 

Their emphasis on the Social Man's and Working Man's Beard Oils have been a hit with men of all ages and professions. Its tailored purpose and its focus on creating a brand that speaks in a unique tone of its own, differentiates them markedly from the rest of the players in the market. 

Even though high street retailers will always take the lion's share of the business, due mainly to their history and multichannel strategy, the pureplay businesses can create an unrivalled sense of individuality as they speak to men on another level. 

Mensphere addresses sophisticated men who are interested in using carefully curated products and accessories that can add a unique touch of style to their daily routine.

"Carefully curated brands across the various categories"
"Carefully curated brands across the various categories"
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