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Photography by Craig Landale

Urban Sports Luxe

Spring is here soon, which means summer isn't far behind. I know, I know, it doesn't feel like it and it doesn't look like it outside, but trust me, warmer days are not far ahead and in preparation I am going to discuss one of the key S/S14 trends for both males and females; Sports Luxe. 

This season, to give the omnipresent fashion fixture a fresh take, an urban slant has been taken. In all honesty, the sports luxe movement was on its last legs in my view so this twist is refreshing.

Minimalism, loved by the likes of Mr Kanye West himself, is key to this trend. Clean lines, sleek tailoring and futuristically constructed pieces are also components that lift this oversaturated trend to another level. 

Parkas and polos adorned many a runway and are both sports staples. Bermuda shorts are important to the trend, putting the LUX(E)-ury in sports luxe - shorts are perfect for summer too. Get your pins out chaps! 

Bomber jackets, another ever present fixture in menswear coupled with the oversized trend, give a 90s hiphop flavour that I'm personally a bit sick of.

Valentino Sneakers
Valentino Sneakers

Some designers like Astrid Anderson for example used lace whilst others like Dries Van Noten used floral prints in their collections further eradicating gender lines... On the flip, much of of this trend is very masculine, with the skater/biker blend seen throughout the recent collections.

Franklin & Marshall pattern jogger pants
Franklin & Marshall pattern jogger pants

Many of the pieces would be fantastic during festival season. the rise in authentic rain coats for instance, seen in both the Gucci and Kris Van Assche collections would be ideal. Gotta be prepared for the summer rain... it's inevitable!

"An urban slant has been taken"
"An urban slant has been taken"

Sports elegance is an opportunity to be sporty and smart at the same damn time! Bright powerful colours like burnt oranges, forest greens and deep purples are the centre-piece colours for the sports luxe trend and would be great to colour-block with. 

Sports Luxe meets urban cool will be everywhere this summer so don't be out of the loop. Keep it fresh and light, and remember minimalism is still important. 

Now lets all hold hands and magic some sun from Marrakesh or something. I literally can't wait! Bermuda shorts at the ready!

"Sports Luxe meets urban cool will be everywhere"
"Sports Luxe meets urban cool will be everywhere"


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