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Interview with Wowcracy

The power of a digital platform is that you can bring together a lot of different kinds of energies from all over the world, making a hub for creativity. You can bet on new talents and, if a project is a good one, you may even support them. Welcome to the world of Wowcracy

Wowcracy is a new, growing, reality. How did you get the idea for such a platform? 

"The idea comes from the urge of people to access the latest creations made by international designers. At the same time, designers need to connect with people to test and to market their latest product ideas freely." 

How does Wowcracy work? 

"Users access the latest collections made by international designers before they hit the market. By the act of pre-ordering users can get the latest fashion items before everyone else. Designers showcase their latest efforts live on Wowcracy on a constant basis." 

What is the goal of Wowcracy? 

"Our mission is to empower designers to test the market with their latest collections. We create a secure environment dedicated to the fashion industry as a whole."

Wowcracy is a powerful name. How did you choose it? 

"‘Cracy’ is from the original Greek word that means government. 'Wow' because we are amazed by the quality of interactions that can happen on our website when people have the possibility to make or break a fashion trend thanks to their active participation."  

Your claim is 'Endless Fashion Week', but we often see things we don’t like during the fashion shows 

"The 'Endless Fashion Week' is rather a short description of what we do. During a fashion week, buyers take responsibility to decide what collections we are wearing the next season. You may dislike it or not, but What if each individual could choose what he/she likes? The active participation between people and fashion designers is an ongoing opportunity to set a new fashion trend together."  

Do you think there is a definite kind of style for the future of men’s fashion? 

"Yes, functionality with elegance. Men will never give up the emotional side of style related to status and belonging. But innovation gives men an opportunity to test new product features and live fully. Consider Rosemary Goodenough luxury ties collection on Wowcracy, she invented a new structure of the tie that enhances elegance."

"Designers need to connect with people"
"Designers need to connect with people"
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