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Nike+ FuelBand SE METALUXE Collection

Available in limited quantities, the Silver Nike+ FuelBand SE features a stainless steel clasp which represents the intersection of sport and style. 

The striking Silver version follows the launch of the previous colour options which included Rose Gold, Black, Volt, Pink Foil and Total Crimson launched in October 2013. 

The band tracks all-day movement using NikeFuel — the universal way to measure movement for all kinds of activities. It is uniquely designed to measure whole-body movement no matter of age, weight or gender... it simply tracks a user’s active life.

A number of new innovations designed to motivate users to achieve their goals were also launched alongside this release such as Groups, Bluetouth 4.0 app connection and Sessions.

Sessions - '3.2.1. GO! Sessions' are a way to track specific activities throughout the day. Going out for a jog? That’s a session. Hitting the weights at the gym? That’s a session. Some of favourites on the vast session list includes Clubbing, Flying a Kite, Ironing, and Gaming. 

Win the Hour - 'Win the Hour' is your motivation partner. It tracks how much movement is accumulated at each hour throughout the day and encourages people to move more often (5mins continuous per hour) by prompting users to move if they’re missing their goal. 

Fuel Rate - 'Fuel Rate' is a new feature that tracks the rate at which NikeFuel is being earned. The Fuel Rate is measured as NikeFuel earned per minute and is a great way to see the intensity of your movement to get the right information needed to move better toward your goals. The Fuel Rate is viewed as a numerical readout in real time on the Nike+ FuelBand App and uses coloirs from red to green to simply indicate how you're doing.

"The striking Silver version"
"The striking Silver version"

Groups - people like to work out and share accomplishments and competition with friends (or annoy them on Facebook by showing off). To help this process, Groups functionality and improved social sharing tools have been added.  

Double Tap for Time - never search for the time again. This simple feature allows you to access the time instantly at two touches of a button. 

Milestones - for more fun, new Milestones have been added - like one million or two million NikeFuel banners - and a host of new milestone achievements to win. Now users earn Achievements not just for their NikeFuel total, but also for Sessions, Fuel Rate, streaks, and hours won. Achievements are tracked in the new Games section and also unlock new Achievements at each Milestone reached.

"People like to work out and share accomplishments"
"People like to work out and share accomplishments"
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