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Interview with Plain Chaos

Starting up business can be extremely hard and competitive in today’s world, as so many people are doing it, especially if you’re looking to start a clothing line. 

In previous weeks, MWS has started to notice new fashion labels which have really taken the game to the next level. One in particular goes by the name of Plain Chaos

Plain Chaos is an online street style brand which was founded in 2012 with a specific idea. They wanted to design products which were similar to those seen on major label fashion runways, however they wanted to add a street style touch to it and make it appropriate for people to wear on a daily basis.

The clothing line is now known for its beautifully tailored side zipped hoodies to its unique staple print t-shirts. 

They really have brought the old vintage style zippers back in fashion while adding their own unique touch. 

One design which really caught our eyes was the peacock t-shirt which was something new they brought to the market. 

We have asked the co-founders Ronnie Singh and Pardeep Nainu a few questions to learn more about the brand: 

What made you start the brand? 

"We are both very style conscious and have backgrounds in design. We're also very interested in fashion and clothing, so this was the perfect outlet for us to express our ideas. Plain Chaos is somewhere where we can design garments how we want and have complete control of the branding and marketing of these products."

"It's cliche, but our ideas are unique"
"It's cliche, but our ideas are unique"

Why is your brand different to other brands in the market? 

"It's cliche, but our ideas are unique. We are both interested in varying aspects of design, we collaborate and merge maybe 2 or 3 different thoughts and ideas into one item. We also take a lot of inspiration from high-fashion brands and runway ideas, we aim to combine their quality with the practicality and everyday wearability of streetwear, but at a fair and affordable price point. The quality of our garments is something that we take great pride in. We have used the finest quality combed-cotton for our t-shirts, which we spent weeks researching and discussing, down to the weight of the cotton for example. Our hoodies are also hand-stitched in England from our ultra-soft fleece cotton by our in-house team. We made a promise to ourselves to use the best and make the best, it's what we expect from ourselves and it's what our customers evidently want too."

"We made a promise to use the best and make the best"
"We made a promise to use the best and make the best"

Is there a meaning behind the name of the brand? 

"The name "Plain Chaos" is almost a contradiction in itself. And that juxtaposition is central to what Plain Chaos is about. We have plain and simple items with refined or luxurious details, along with colourful, eccentric, all-over printed T-Shirts in the collection. The combination of the two is what makes us Plain Chaos." 

It seems like the Plain Chaos team really know what they’re doing. Their name has a real meaning which matches the theme of clothing they are producing. It’s an artistic and creative brand and something that some new fashion labels are lacking.

"The name "Plain Chaos" is almost a contradiction in itself"
"The name "Plain Chaos" is almost a contradiction in itself"
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