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Photography by Craig Landale

In the Shade

With summer just a few month’s away, it’ll soon be time to dig out the shorts, get the barbecue out of the shed and head off for a week or two for some fun in the sun. 

With the emergence of the much anticipated British summer come all the fashion trends for the season, with sunglasses being one of the most important accessories for any man whether you’re at home or abroad. 

Each summer brings fresh designs and summer 2014 is set to be no different. We’ve teamed up with SCLO.co.uk, one of the largest online retailers of prescription glasses and sunglasses, to run through a few of the trends set to be hot in the world of sunglasses this coming season.


In all aspects of fashion, the vintage look is one that is bang on trend at present, with the latest collections of sunglasses reflecting this. 

Take this vintage Hugo Boss design for instance with its brown tortoise shell plastic frame and large square lenses. This classic, retro look offers timeless appeal and is sure to make you look great on any beach in any holiday hotspot. 

This vintage 50s and 60s design wouldn’t look out of place in the popular Mad Men series and has the potential to be a staple of your summer wear thanks to the cool and trendy vibe it exudes.

"The vintage look is bang on trend"
"The vintage look is bang on trend"


This iconic frame keeps coming back for more; year on year the aviator remains at the forefront of summer fashion and it is once again leading the field in 2014. 

Made famous by Tom Cruise in Top Gun, you too can recreate this stylish look to suit any summer outfit whether you’re hitting a festival or exploring your holiday destination. 

These sunglasses from Police epitomise the Aviator style perfectly with their large lenses and classic metal frame. Aimed at the casual guy, Aviator sunglasses add character to any outfit and can suit both the young and old trendsetter.

"Made famous by Tom Cruise in Top Gun"
"Made famous by Tom Cruise in Top Gun"


Sunglasses have long been used in the world of sport, yet it is only recently that sporting designs have arrived into the world of fashion. 

Summer 2014 is set to be a big season for the sports/fashion look, with designs being created that draw inspiration from both sport and fashion. 

These Carrera Cool sunglasses combine the sleek sporty look with a fashionable appeal to create sunglasses for anyone constantly on the go. 

Fit for use during exercise and leisure, these shades have been designed for those in the fast lane and are guaranteed to be a valuable addition to your summer wardrobe.

"Sunglasses have long been used in the world of sport"
"Sunglasses have long been used in the world of sport"

Quick Fire Summer Hits 

Geek Chic - thick framed sunglasses are on trend to create the geek chic look. Fun yet durable, shades in this style feature thick frames alongside oversized lenses for a cool and casual appeal. 

Patterns - whilst you might associate patterns with women’s eyewear, prints are very much the in thing for male sunglasses this summer. Offering a splash of colour, patterned sunglasses offer the opportunity to move away from the safe solid colour and be a little more daring in your eyewear choices. 

Oversized - coming back on trend of late, oversized sunglasses create an air of mystery whilst also offering effective protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Not quite right for everyone, if you have the face shape to pull off the oversized look though you’ll certainly be setting the trend during summer 2014.

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Follow our guide to make sure you get it right


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