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Summer 2014 Hair & Grooming Trends

Summer brings a myriad of grooming trends perfect for reflecting the laid back, relaxed style of the season. Remember, the summer months can be harsh on our hair and skin, so keep them moisturised and healthy during the hot sunny days! Here are some summer styles that are perfect for all cuts and colours. 

Rough & Messy Hair 

The surfie dude hairstyle [pictured above] is one that just screams summertime – and isn’t just for sun-bleached blondes. Men with any length and colour hair can rough their do up and look like they've just rolled out of bed with perfectly imperfect bed hair. 

Run styling cream with a little gel through your hair – no combs here, just use your fingers for the best results. Let it dry and viola – effortlessly cool. 

If you need to invest in some new product or just want inspiration to re-invigorate your look for summer, search the Uppercut Deluxe UK website. They not only have a great range of products, but heaps of different hairstyles that you can peruse for inspiration too!

Fringe Alert 

Yes, the fringe is making a comeback for men who want to be on the cutting edge of alternate trends. The blunt fringe is no longer just for women – it’s great for guys that favour the preppy or modern man look, and is being rocked by actors and models in global fashion campaigns and photo shoots. It requires minimal maintenance, just a few trims every so often so you can actually see where you’re going!

"The fringe is making a comeback"
"The fringe is making a comeback"

The Vintage Look

Classic grooming styles are back in a big way. Many celebs are rocking the old school classy looks – think slicked hair, sculptured moustaches and beards trimmed to perfection. 

With the rise of classic films like The Great Gatsby being revived, the look is being re-invented for a modern generation of gentlemen. It’ll keep you looking sharp, suave and effortlessly cool all summer long. After all – who doesn’t want to look like Leonardo Dicaprio?

"Classic grooming styles are back"
"Classic grooming styles are back"

Perfectly Sculptured Facial Hair 

Facial hair is making its well-earned comeback – but it’s no longer about who can grow the longest beard or the biggest moustache. It’s about man-scaping the face to perfection. Groomed, thin moustaches and a sculptured beard that perfectly frames the face, these are the signs of a brilliant summer trend.

"it’s no longer about big beards"
"it’s no longer about big beards"

Spray Lotion 

Moving on from hair – men’s skin definitely needs some tender loving care as well! If you’re feeling like your skin is a little dry or coarse, try using some spray moisturiser. 

Many women’s moisturisers are very heavy, but the spray means that you’re only getting a very light coat, and it’s fast absorbing. Your skin won’t feel oily, it can be applied in seconds and it can be taken and used anywhere. 

So keep yourself looking sharp and on-trend this summer with these hair and grooming tips – which can easily be reworked for future seasons. You can either go rough and tousled for an effortlessly cool look, or swap over to the other end of the spectrum with perfectly coifed locks and facial hair. Both work great in the season of summer!

"Men’s skin definitely needs some care"
"Men’s skin definitely needs some care"
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