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The Leffe Gastro Bite Awards

Belgian Beer brand Leffe have teamed up with the acclaimed chef Kevin Love in their latest initiative, celebrating British Gastro recipes.

Kevin Love, Head Chef of the Michelin-Starred restaurant ‘The Hind's Head’ shares some of his most popular Gastro bar snacks recipes which would work perfectly with a pint of Leffe. He is also the guy who will be judging the 'The Leffe Gastro Bite Awards’, whereby Leffe are inviting it’s UK stockist pubs to enter their best bar snacks and will be awarding five lucky pubs a ‘Leffe Gastro Bite Award’. 

The lucky eight shortlisted pubs who will undergo a visit from Kevin Love himself, who will be putting their gastro snacks to the test with a series of tasting sessions [Lucky man!), ultimately selecting five establishments to win this incredible opportunity. The five winners will be in with the amazing chance to showcase their recipes at a pop up event in June.

We’re big fans of bars snack ourselves and will often opt for a mix to share (like English Tapas) when we’re at the pub, rather than sitting down in the restaurant. The informality of sitting on a nice leather comfy chair in a pub with friends is really comforting. 

So with this in mind, it’s great to hear Mr Love puts as much emphasis and attention to the snack options as he does with his A La Carte dishes. A particular favourite of ours is the Scotch egg - the ultimate manly snack has totally transformed from how you might have experienced them in the past. 

This modern take is now made from premium meats and only the best ingredients resulting in something which looks so nice you’d probably want to order two. Whether it be a serving of Leffe Blonde, with its smooth hints of bitter fruitful flavours, or Leffe Brune providing sweet after-tastes; both can be perfectly teamed to accompany snacks or cheeses. That’s why Leffe and Kevin Love have come together to display how well the flavours of food and beer compliment each other.

Watch out for the winners to see who will be lucky enough to win this opportunity. Take a look at the video if you want to see the mouth-watering gastro snacks from Kevin Love and ways to purchase these recipe ingredients yourself!

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