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5 Unusual Watches to Change Your Life

Watches have always been a popular accessory especially amongst men, however, over the years they have come a long way to adapt to society’s need for faster information mixed with stylish design. 

Take a look at five unusual innovations in the watch industry that will take you by surprise. 

1. The Watch for The Blind 

EOne have created 'The Bradley watch', designed for blind people or those with eyesight difficulties. The watch is made from Titanium and looks just like a standard watch, apart from the face has raised markers to help the wearer tell the time, as well as ball bearings around the side for hours and on the face for the minutes. 

EOne Time named the watch after Bradley Synder an inspirational Paralympic gold medallist who lost his sight in Afghanistan.

2. The Watch That’s Timeless 

We’re not talking about a watch that’s a classic, we are referring to a watch which literally does not tell the time. This unusual watch may seem pointless at first as the primary function of a watch is to tell the time, isn’t it? Well yes, but watches are also worn as fashion pieces as a way to accessorise an outfit. 

The fact is that this watch is still beautifully designed and wearable. The creators decided to make the 'Becomb Infinity Piece' because they were tired of clock watching during the day, as time often flies, but not when you’re watching it. For the watch wearer who doesn’t want to know the time this is the ideal watch.

"Time flies, but not when you’re watching it"
"Time flies, but not when you’re watching it"

3. The Watch That’s Super Badass 

The Super Badass watch by Diesel is not short of features to entertain you and can be found at Market Cross Jewellers. The watch includes features such as multiple time-zones and dials, with a digital time and date display. The Diesel watch has a stylish strap and is ideal for those with an active lifestyle who still like their arm candy.

"Ideal for those with an active lifestyle"
"Ideal for those with an active lifestyle"

4. The Watch With a Screen 

The LG G Watch by Google is set to be released this month. It is claimed that the watch will benefit from features such as telling the wearer the weather forecast, traffic updates and flight times. 

The idea of the LG G Watch is that it will be a wearable screen to allow access to internet information, avoiding the need to check your phone. Whether the watch could ultimately replace mobile phones is debateable, but it does look to be an interesting and functional watch with many technology enthusiasts awaiting the launch.

"An interesting and functional watch"
"An interesting and functional watch"

5. The Watch Cufflinks 

Watch cufflinks come in all shapes and sizes and are ideal for those people who like to be able to tell the time quickly or who feel uncomfortable wearing a watch. Cufflinks are also a more affordable option and are less likely to cause an allergic reaction than watchstraps. 

What wristwear have you opted for recently? Let us know what style of watch you prefer or if [and why] you don’t enjoy wearing watches at all.

"Ideal for those who feel uncomfortable wearing a watch"
"Ideal for those who feel uncomfortable wearing a watch"
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